United MileagePlus Dining: 3,000 Bonus Miles

Many of the major airlines partner with Rewards Network (formerly iDine). You give them your credit card, and when you pay with that card at participating restaurants (which I believe have to pay for inclusion) then you get a certain number of miles per dollar spent. The good news is that you don’t have to use any coupons, show an app, or do anything that indicates you’re getting a discount. I don’t let this determine where I eat, but a few places I already eat at do participate so it is basically free miles.

Earning a few miles this way will also reset your United miles expiration date, which is 18 months from most recent activity. So it’s good to have it set up ahead of time, even with a seldom-used card.

Right now, the United MileagePlus Dining program is running a special promotion where can you can get 1,500 United miles if you join by 10/31 and spend $40+ at a participating restaurant, bar or club within 40 days of joining, plus write a quick review. If you do this twice, you’ll get the max possible 3,000 bonus United miles. Again thanks for reader Jessica for the tip.


  1. Can you double dip? I mean, can i sign up for the MileagePlus Dining program and the American Airlines Advantage Dining program with the same credit cards? Will I earn miles in both United and American Airlines mileage programs? Too bad this bonus offer is for new Dining members; existing members dont count because to be a member you need a weblogin and valid email.

  2. Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for more than one program under the Rewards Network for the same credit card.

    When I signed up my credit card for the United MileagePlus Dining and then signed up the same credit card for the Best Buy Rewards program (also under Rewards Network), the credit card number was removed from the United MileagePlus Dining and only appears under the Best Buy Rewards program. Therefore, it seems like they do a cross check in their system and only allow the same credit card to show up under one program (the most recent one).

    However, there are other ways you can extend your dollars spent on dining, which creates an equivalent of “double tip” or even “triple dip” and beyond.

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