TurboTax Discounts with State Farm Bank Account

ttpremier180State Farm is offering significant TurboTax discounts, but only for select bank and mutual fund customers. The promotional prices for 2015 are: TurboTax Federal Deluxe Online free, Premier $20, and Home & Business $30. A free state return is also included with free e-File for all online versions. Details:

  • You must have at least one State Farm Bank or Mutual Fund account linked to your StateFarm.com online profile. This includes checking, savings, IRA, and credit card accounts. However, if you only have insurance with them, you will NOT get this discount.
  • You must register through this promotion link.
  • Offer limited to the first 25,000 qualified customers who register through State Farm to use TurboTax Online. I don’t recall how fast this ran out, but last year I believe it did run out before April 15th.

Some history… According to my notes, from 2006-2009 State Farm offered TurboTax Deluxe for free to all customers including insurance policyholders. In 2010 or 2011, they started restricting it only to bank and credit card customers.

The easiest way to gain access to this promotion is their regular “Checking” bank account with requires a $25 minimum initial deposit and no minimum balance fee. You must link your bank account number to your online State Farm profile, after which the website will recognize you as a State Farm Bank customer and you’ll be given access to the offer. Here is what you should see:


Reminder: TurboTax only charges you when you finally file your return. To guarantee that you’ll get this discount, you’ll have to access TurboTax via this StateFarm.com link and not TurboTax.com. Some people choose to “lock in” the pricing by registering and paying before actually finishing your return, but I’d only try this if you’re just using the free Deluxe (unless you are 100% sure you’ll use this software).

State Farm® customers can save on TurboTax 2015 by taking advantage of special offers. To receive your special TurboTax offer, you must access and complete your return through the link below. If you access your return directly from Intuit’s site, special offers will not be applied.


  1. How does one “choose to “lock in” the pricing by registering and paying before actually finishing your return”? I don’t see where you can do this?

    • You basically pretend like you are going to file your taxes and skip to the end. I don’t do this myself, but here are specific instructions from a Fatwallet forum thread:

      Log into your Turb0Tax account after you have gone through above mentioned State Farm
      link. (If you used the Turb0Tax software last year, it will ask you if you want to import last years info. Click yes).
      Continue by selecting Turb0Tax Deluxe
      Complete “Personal Info” section, then click on “Federal Taxes”
      Click on “Error Check” and do the minimum to get through the section (just hit “okay” to any errors)
      Click on State taxes and let it transfer your information from Federal to State.
      Click on “My Account” at the top.
      Click “Print Center” then click “Print, save or preview this year’s return”. It will ask you to register. Register.
      Click on “My Account” again and choose “Tools” then “Turb0Tax fees”
      You should see something similar to:

      Turb0Tax Online – Deluxe $0.00 (Paid)
      Turb0Tax State: ‘Name of your state’ $0.00 (Paid)


  2. Looks like no vanguard deals this time. 🙁

  3. “Offer valid for the first 25,000 qualified customers who register through State Farm to use TurboTax Online.” Just using the link and signing into TurboTax should be enough to lock you in for the offer, no?

    • I followed the fatwallet link above and saw that it specifically says that just following the state farm link and logging in is not enough. I followed the directions above to complete registration for the year. Easy enough. Thanks for the tip Jonathan!

  4. Not sure if the 25000 customers limit has already reached ? Has anybody signed up for statefarm bank and received this offer in the last week or so ?

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