TopCashBack: Shopping Portal That Promises Highest Payout + $10 Bonus


Updated with $10 bonus for new users. When you shop online these days, it’s become habit to search out a coupon or go through a shopping portal that gives a percentage back on purchases made through their links. Well, talk about a race to the bottom. Instead of rebating you part of their merchant commission, promises to rebate you all of it (and make money via ads on their website). In addition, they even have no minimum payout threshold. You wouldn’t think that would be a viable business model, but the company is already the #1 cashback site in the UK so apparently it works for them.

For example, get 0.5% back on eBay purchases and 12% back at

I just got an e-mail that for the next two weeks, new customers can get a $10 bonus once they reach $10 in earned cashback if they are referred by a new user (who also gets $10 if/when the new numbers reaches $10 in cashback). See full terms and conditions. I’ve been a member since 2012 and have already cashed out successfully multiple times. Here is my referral link for the $10 bonus. Thanks in advance if you use my link, and you can also leave your own referral link in the comments.

If you aren’t already a member, some other portals also offer sign-up bonuses:

  • eBates ($10 new user bonus after any $25+ purchase, $5 mininum cash-out)
  • Mr. Rebates ($5 new user bonus, $10 minimum cash-out)

Sometimes one of these sites may privately negotiate a higher payout temporarily, so TopCashBack may not always be the highest. Also, if you use miles or points, you may prefer getting 2 points/miles per dollar back as opposed to 2 cents per dollar back. For example, I’ve been warming up to the UltimateRewards Mall (must first have a Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom, or Chase Ink card) as 1 Ultimate Reward point is worth 1.25 cents towards travel or converts to 1 United or British Airways mile.


  1. I prefer to use only one referral Site if possible, and have been using for years and getting hundreds of dollars from ShopatHome. While they are usually not the top cash back referral Site, they do have 110% guarantee if you find a better deal on another Site. And I do usually find a better deal on cashbackaholic where they compile various sites.
    ShopatHome is not perfect and some cash wasn’t credited but it could be fault of the merchant. However a couple times it took many weeks for ShopatHome to respond but once they did credit me quickly.

  2. Can anyone verify if the price is the same when using the referral site? Also, can you use the referral site and also get usual extra discount, such as 5% for using Target Redcard at Target?

  3. Thanks. Folks should also check out to compare different rewards options before shopping online. It usually will tell you which reward offers the greatest % back. Thanks for the opportunity to leave a referral link to! Here’s mine! ;)

  4. I clicked on your referral link but didn’t get a $10 referral bonus. Did anyone else have this problem through the link?

  5. Thanks Jonathan for the referral link. I just signed it up. Here’s my referral link, just in case anyone needs it.

  6. Thia: The referral bonus goes to Jonathan — sign ups do not receive any credit

  7. Just joined through Jonathan’s link.
    Thank you!

  8. Signed up. Here’s my referral link:

  9. Oh, that explains that. Thank you, Travis

  10. I’ve found topcashback useful because they’ve got cardpool as a vendor, easy way to make a bit extra, but there is a lifetime cap on it sadly.
    Recently I’ve been turning to UPromise for the major retailers, since they have a 5% floor, and otherwise many other programs only offer 1-2% on this.

    If people are interested you can use my link: and split out the bonus

    @Mark, prices don’t change, it’s still the same website. You still can get all your usual sales and discounts, but it is possible that entering in promo/coupon codes can invalidate your cashback.

  11. Thanks, Jonathan for info.
    Here is my referral link:

  12. I took a quick look. Hmmm, have to say I’m not impressed. I checked 3 vendors Newegg, Sears & Holiday Inn just as a test. Topcashback has a Newegg rebate of 0.9% for returning customers on most items. EBates has 1.5%. Topcashback doesn’t even have Sears or Holiday Inn. So they’re 0 for 3 on that quick test. :(

  13. I also agree with using I use their bookmarklet anytime I am about to buy something on a site and it shows what cash back sites have to offer, then you just click through whichever one is best and complete your purchase.

  14. Seems to be a scam website. After purchasing couple of international flights through Vayama, I received tracking notification from TopCashBack that both the purchases are tracking and worth a cash back of $30. Since next day the website is not allowing me to login or reset the password. I opened an online help request on the site couple of days ago. No response till now. Bad experience overall.

  15. Wanted to give update. The site did reset my password and I can see the cash back in pending status. Apologies for misleading / jumping the gun. Here is my referral link if someone is interested.

  16. Thanks for using my referral link!

  17. Thanks for the update. Great timing — I’ve just been researching cash back sites after I found which offers mostly better payouts than Ebates and some of the other more popular sites. Top Cash Back might be even better. About a week ago I also found which is like but shows more cash back web site options for various merchants. Good stuff.

    Referral link:

  18. M Rentmeester says:

    Just signed up.
    Referral link:

  19. Thanks Jonathan. I never heard about Top Cash Back until your blog entry. I was planning to make an Ebay purchase and saved 0.5% on my purchase. I am a fan of Fatwallet and Shop Discover for cash back depending on the merchant.

    Here is my Top Cash Back referral link:

  20. FYI, Ebay is currently 1.5% cashback for the week.

  21. Many stores offer higher rate with Upromise in conjunction with their cc. In anycase I always consult for highest rated. According to them TC does have the highest rated 71% of the time (but that won’t include Upromise cc 5% bonus and a paid site ( that gives me 10% On a lot of stores including newegg for $13 monthly fee)

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