ThredUP Used Kids Clothing: $10 Free Credit

Since I last wrote about them, has recently transitioned from a clothes swapping site to essentially an online consignment store. You send them your “like new” used clothes and they sell them to other people online for you and take a cut.

Right now, ThredUP is offering up a free $10 store credit if you sign up through a referral link, and the referrer gets $10 store credit as well. That’s mine, if you use it please feel free to leave yours in the comments if you’d like. The good news is that the credits count towards shipping costs, and you can also stack the coupon code AUGUST20 for another 20% off. The bad news is that shipping runs $6.95 (free shipping with $40 order), which means with the free $10 you could either get a $4 item shipped for free or you could get $40 worth of clothing for $22 including shipping… but ideally you’d refer enough friends and family to get more completely free clothes including shipping. Here’s a screenshot of my cart:

At first glance the clothing prices seem rather high to me… keep in mind I never go to Gap Anything and many of my clothes are 10+ years old. This seems like it might work for those that don’t want to rummage around at garage sales, which is what I plan to try. 🙂

Anyone use ThredUP to sell their old clothes on the new consignment site (not the swapping boxes)?


  1. appears to be only children’s clothing

  2. I signed up. If anyone is feel generous feel free to use my referral.

  3. I signed up with B’s link. If anyone is feeling generous, feel free to use my referral.

  4. I signed up wth Ack’s link. If anyone is feeling generous, feel free to use my referral.

  5. that’s my referral link if anyone is feeling generous!

  6. I signed up with Natalie’s link. If anyone is feeling generous, feel free to use my referral,

  7. Your net amount of the order (after discounts) should be above $40 to be eligible for free shipping.

  8. Share the love! Someone use mine please!

  9. I’m not big on buying clothes online, but I’ll probably fill one of their bags. Besides, I figured you could use the referral bonus w the new baby and all 🙂

  10. Feel free to use mine!

  11. Goodwill and family thrift stores have lower prices and add convenience (returns usually permitted for short time)

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