Tax Time Begins: Papers Everywhere

I think I’m done waiting for all my W-2s and 1099s to come in (a lot of 1099s!), so here are my fun tasks for today:

1) Make sure I’m not missing anything, as everything should’ve been sent out by January 31st. One sure way to ask for an audit is to forget to include all your income. Many tax forms are also online now.

2) Verify the amounts are correct. Hey, brokerages make mistakes. Make sure you note what interest was supposed to be non-taxable for certain areas, like any municipal bonds or Treasury Bills.

3) Update my emergency list of accounts and contacts, using this thorough and handy Financial Preparation Kit.


  1. Great advice! Tax time is always a stressful time for me-I am the one sending the 1099’s and W2’s so I’m glad when it’s over. A financial preparedness kit is a great idea-one I’ve never thought of.

  2. Dont forget taxact at It’s completely free plus a free federal e-file. I just used it and worked great. I think it’s the best option for people with uncomplicated tax returns.

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