SunTrust Bank & Delta Check Card – 30,000 Bonus Miles Promotion

SunTrust Bank is offering 30,000 Delta Skymiles for opening a new checking account by 6/30 with qualifying direct deposit and choosing the Delta SkyMiles World Check Card. Available in AL, AR, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, WV, VA and Washington, D.C. The debit card does have a $75 annual fee but do you get 1 mile per $1 spent (for those that avoid credit cards). However, you don’t get the free checked bags or Priority Boarding of the Delta American Express credit card.

Still it’s not a bad deal, $75 for 30k miles if you live near a SunTrust branch. Some of the text suggests that you can get 15k of those miles with just the new checking account and no debit card, but it’s not entirely clear. Direct deposit must be $100 or more. The “Balanced Banking” checking account option has a $12 monthly fee, waived with a $3,000 minimum balance across Suntrust accounts. Selected fine print below:

Checking Account Offer: Open a new qualifying SunTrust checking account with qualifying Direct Deposit and select the Delta SkyMiles World Check Card to receive 15,000 bonus miles. The checking account must be opened between 5/1/2012 and 6/30/2012. The offer is only available on new SunTrust checking accounts and cannot be combined with any other offer. To qualify for the 30,000 bonus miles offer, a Delta SkyMiles World Check Card must be opened with the checking account. Please allow 6-8 weeks for miles to be credited to your Delta SkyMiles account after the first qualifying Direct Deposit is made, which must be made by 9/30/2012. A qualifying Direct Deposit is a direct deposit of your salary, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income of $100 or more per deposit electronically deposited to your account during statement cycle by your employer or an outside agency. Transfers from one account to another or deposits made at a banking location or ATM do not qualify as a Direct Deposit.


  1. Note, that there has also been success for people opening up accounts outside of those states with branch offices by calling in or applying via chat.

  2. I’m one of those folks who use a cash back credit card for all purchases (when ever possible). Also my checking account(s) earn interest (rewards checking). Here are a few talking points I would like to share:

    1. Since I have to tie up $3,000 in the checking account, it only makes since to use the debit card to earn Skymiles. Since I use a cash back credit card for most all purchases, how can one take advantage of the use of the debit card? One post earlier suggest making estimated quarterly tax payments for a one time fee. I found one site that charges a one time convenience fee of $3.49 to use a debit card. Any thoughts on this strategy?

    2. If you make a debit card purchase and return the item, will merchants refund you in cash?

    3. Should I simply park the $3,000 in checking, collect the 30,000 Skymiles, and then cancel the account after 6 months? (read somewhere that Suntrust will charge a fee if you close the checking account within 6 months). Net cost is $75.00 for the debit card.

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