Southwest Airlines Promotional Game: 100 Points Per Week

Southwest is running a 30 Million Point Giveaway, where you can register and get up to 100 free Rapid Rewards points per week for answering trivia questions and playing online games. It’s not terribly exciting, but if you do all six weeks then 600 points = $10 towards a Southwest Wanna Get Away airfare. New members also get 250 points for signing up, and everyone can get 500 points for signing up for e-mail newsletters.

This Week’s Answers
Week #3: True, Amt & Type, True, Wanna Get Away, DIY

Old Answers
Week #1: D,A,D,D, Unlimited, Blackout, Expire.
Week #2: C (amount and type of fare), D (all), A (true), A (business select), CBA (top to bottom)


  1. Vince Thorne says:

    Airline fares provide insufficient profits and thus airlines rely on adjunct income such as credit card purchases. Wnder how far we are from mergers of airline credit cards alone. Thus, your points could be potentially renewed as tickets on more than one airline and the miles from multiple airlines could be clubbed. I would pay for such a card.

  2. Desi Dogg says:

    Hey… Your posted answers are all wrong. but they are not difficult to figure out in any case.

  3. It looks like Sunday night around midnight central is when the week changes. It’s now Week 2, and have updated the answers accordingly.

  4. SublimeBri says:

    Southwest is easily the best airline. I fly a ton for work and dont even look at other airlines anymore. Even if southwest is a bit more, the repeatability of their product as well as their simple rewards program make it a no brainer for me.

    What a simple way of getting your customers educated on the suite of your services while getting a little something for their time… I wonder what other industries could employ this approach? Credit cards easily could for a small cashback bonus (if it were the Fidelity 2% AMEX, could do 3% on movies or something for a short period… just something small for a small amount of time).

  5. Ha, I was just trying to use two SW awards last night. I got the Chase SW Rapid Rewards credit card at the start of the year (I think because I saw an article on here about it) and got a free award flight out of it. I just realized the other day that I hadn’t used the award and it’s expiring in January, so I went on to see what I could use it for.

    These things are so worthless for anyone who doesn’t have a flexible vacation schedule. If you want to just go somewhere for a weekend, forget about it. My wife’s a teacher so she has a difficult time getting a day off (has to call in sick, and they always suspect something if it’s a Friday or Monday), otherwise we might be able to find a flight that’s not at a ridiculous time of day on a Thursday or Monday. But forget about using it on a Friday or Sunday, unless you want to fly out early in the morning, or late at night. You really only have the option of taking two days minimum off work (assuming you’re working a mon-fri work week) to use these.

    It’s such a croc that they don’t just let you use an award for any flight that’s not full.

    Are awards transferable? Maybe I could put them on ebay… I’d take 50 bucks at this point, since it’s looking like they’re not getting used, unless I decide to waste a weekend going somewhere I have no desire to go to.

  6. I redeem my points for mostly Amazon gc now. Good find though 🙂

  7. Brent, I just got off the phone with Southwest to find out if the points expired, and they confirmed that they don’t expire unless there is no activity on the account for 2 years. But any activity at all, including a purchase with an associated credit card, redeeming some points for something or whatever, resets the counter. So, I think you are probably good as far as the points go.

    If you’re figuring out how to spend them though, buy some gift cards, that way you can have something closer to a cash value if you don’t need the flights.

  8. I didn’t see this in time before it had switched to week 2, but I was still able to answer 2 questions and a word scramble to get 40 of week 1’s points…I guess week 1 is only partially-expired? Better than nada!

  9. I’m talking about awards, not points. I have two free flights, that I think I got when I received my Chase SW Visa in January and charged a certain amount on it within a certain period of time. I also think this was right before they switched from counting flights (8 round trips within a year I think got you a free flight) to points.

  10. answering trivia questions for 6 weeks in exchange for $10 sounds like working for less than minimum wage.

  11. I completed all of the weeks and the site showed the full bonus. Does anyone know when these points will actually post to our Southwest accounts?

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