Short Film: The Cheapest Man in the Room

Do you think you’re cheap? Or know someone who is? Well, unless you’ve brought supermarket cheese samples on a date, they may not be when compared to The Cheapest Man in the Room.

Ross Carter lives a normal life … for a guy on a budget. Some people call him thrifty, or economical, or even a money saver – Ross is all of those and more. He is surrounded by hilarious people, including his cheap old mentor Harold, his all-knowing roommate Dwayne, and the glamorous lady at the Country Time Senior Center – Geena. Life is good for Ross and his coupons, 2 for 1 sales, and free car washes, but that all changes when he meets the lovely Jenny Shree, an intelligent young woman and world traveler. Jenny is not impressed with Ross’s cheap ways – which includes bringing a bag of old wine to a date – and she challenges Ross on his cheapness.

This is a fun short film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Stealing public toilet paper, and then splitting them from 2-ply to singly-ply in order to make it last longer? Nah… I can’t give up my Charmin Ultra. 🙂 Found via Guzzo.


  1. I love my Charmin Ultra too. So soft……..

  2. My wife thought I was smart when I used a coupon for our $8 meal at iHop. I was just as cheap when she was still my girlfriend. That’s how we’ll become millionaires before our 40’s.

  3. Love that movie. I wish it would have ended with him being a millionaire! ha

  4. Cute! Be sure to watch the credits at the end.

  5. This was just awful.

  6. Oh gag me already.

  7. The quality of the acting was about on par with a Junior High show.

  8. That was funny!

  9. lol, funny. Love the credits.

  10. Funny … love it from the start, is there such a guy lol… 😀

  11. Thanks for the Hat Tip!

  12. Lankybiscuit says:

    Excellent cinematography. Great plot and kinda funny. Makes me kinda feel bad about the toliet paper, I take the spares from my hotel stays. Lol, i take extra forks and ketchup at fast food places. Odd thing is my girlfriend told me the same, that it was tabboo to use a coupon on the first date, I never have, but wouldn’t think twice about it. Some old habits I suppose. I guess odd budgeting is ok in moderation, even if some of it is extreme. Other side of the coin is that I do travel alot and love Inifinti cars (used of course).

  13. Josh inya says:

    Great Video. The ways to save money are so true!! I love the picnic and all the cheep stuff he has. My question is; when does saving money become “cool” in a relationship? They have a good point about him trying to achieve a goal of a million dollars by saving every Pennie. There is that saying: Pinch the pennies, but spend the dollars. Kinda true that it’s the big items, not the little stuff here and there to have a good time.
    Although saving money tactics can be a hobby its important to not let it get out of control so other people think your a Pennie pincher. I love the splitting the toilet paper, the spork from wendies and cheese cubes. I have always been a fan of filling up my ketchup bottle at a burger joint with squeeze ketch up, and filling up my cooler with ice at a open soda machines ice station! The car wash scene at the end of the film makes no relevant “cents” to the rest of the video.

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