Recent Smaller Offers Updates & Follow-Up

From time to time, I post smaller deals that offer some sort of bonus or discount. This has been a feature of the blog since the very beginning – my 5th post ever on was about getting 10,000 free Delta miles back in December 2004 (very expired). Even though credit card deals tend to be the most lucrative, and some people may scoff at getting $10 here and $10 there, I actually find it fun and if I grab them all then it adds up. I try to only include deals with national availability, minimal effort and/or driving, and that don’t require any spending that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Here’s a quick follow-up just to all the deals that have been going on recently, unfortunately several are expired:

That’s over $100 value in about a month. And remember, if you have a spouse or partner you can potentially double everything. 🙂 Finally, don’t forget to enter my own $5,000 giveaway!


  1. If you ever think the little offers aren’t worth doing, think about how much money it would take to earn, say $10 in a savings account in a month. Or how much stock you’d have to own to earn $10 in dividends in a quarter. Not only that, but these are tax free!

  2. I’m with you Jon. I think it’s pretty fun. Minimal work for some freebies. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. I paid a State Farm Insurance bill back in November and never got the email for the MC $20 GC even though I registered the card beforehand. Sent an inquiry a few days ago and the ticket is in Tech Support at the minute.

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