Otixo: Combine and Manage Free Cloud Storage

There are lots of places to backup your files online – Dropbox, Box.net, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, and Picasa all give out free cloud storage on the order of 5 gigabytes (often more with various promos). If you’re like me and wish you could combine all those free buckets together into one, you should check out a new service at Otixo.com that lets you manage multiple cloud services with just one login. Hat tip CNN Money.

Otixo links up with each service and makes it easy to organize and view all your files across various platforms. You can even transfer files directly between services. The free version of Otixo promises 2 GB of free bandwidth (not storage) per month forever. Upgrading to unlimited bandwidth costs $10 a month. Personally, I intend to use Otixo to track the long-term archival of pictures and documents across lesser-used services, and keeping my precious Dropbox space for real-time automated backups. This way, I can keep everything backed up safely – even in case of a house fire or burglary – without adding another monthly expense.

If you sign up through a referral link (that’s mine), both the referred and referring person gets an additional 100 MB of bandwidth (up to 4.9 GB max). Refer your family and friends for more bandwidth.


  1. Already using SMEStorage which IMO is a better service (and webdav access is cheaper for my mapped clouds – one time price of $5) instead of monthly recurring subscription).

  2. Look at primadesk also.

    Most of these do not encrypt data on their storage devices. So, you should think about storing sensitive information. There are a few providers that support client side encryption such as jungledisk.

  3. Otixo is cool. i also like Cloudkafe- the UI is really sleek and intuitive.

  4. Hi
    I am thinking of transferring my stocks from one brokerage firm ( Firsttrade.com ) to another ( WellsFargo ). did you not recently write a blog post about transferring without incurring any of the charges ? can you please share the link to that blogpost again ? Not able to search it.

  5. John Wang says:

    Now otixo needs to pay, I’m using another free app: DropInOne

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