MyMoneyBlog Giveaway Final Results

The good news is that everyone got their 1st choice! Here are the psychicly-enhanced winners of the MyMoneyBlog Giveaway and their prizes:

1. Joshua K – Featured Link: check out his new site, Wealth Today – “Financial Advice On How To Be Rich and Invest Wisely”
2. Lori – Starbucks Gift Card
3. Ev – CD: “Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party” by Various Artists
4. Fox – CD: “Here’s Your Sign: Reloaded” by Bill Engvall
5. Beezer – CD: “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson

All prizes are either up, shipped, or ordered as applicable. Thanks for the fun, and hopefully we can do it again, with more prizes and more participants!


  1. yes, more please.

    again, this is better than those “Enter to Win Your Dream Car” contest you find at the local mall.

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