MyMoneyBlog Flashback: Second 3 Months

Continued from December to February, here is the next installment:

» Started my 5 minutes of fame, with mentions in BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal online.
» Continued my 5-minutes with a blurb on television’s CBS MarketWatch. Download the video: RealPlayer format or Windows Media Player format.
» Ended it with a stint on top of Yahoo’s ‘Ten Money Blogs Everyone Should Read’.
» Provided a little insight into why I hate E-Trade, and am very satisfied with Ameritrade, even though they pulled the plug on the beloved FreeTrade.

» Had personal information leaked/stolen, so I made my own Identity Theft Recovery Plan.
» Re-stated my Mid-Term and Long-Term Financial Goals.
» Went to DisneyWorld!
» Picked up both Microsoft Money and Quicken personal finance software packages, and promptly got annoyed at Quicken.
» Had a little giveaway.

» Graphed my Net Worth vs. Time for a limited period.
» Got selected for jury duty for 5 weeks.
» Fretted about all those car insurance options… a lot. Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4.

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