Google Express: 20% Off Coupon Code (Both New and Existing Customers)

gexpressNew code for existing users. Google Express has a couple of coupon codes that may be of interest:

  • 5RTC4Q545$10 credit towards your first order (i.e. $10 off $10). This is my referral code and I will get a $10 credit. After joining, you can also refer friends for $10 credits. Use the code below if it saves you the more (i.e. your order is greater than $50).
  • SHOP2018 – 20% off your first order. Max discount $20.
  • APPFEB20 – 20% off for existing customers (second order, etc). Max discount $20. You might need to apply code via the Google Express App (iOS/Android). Promo code may be limited to 5000 uses per day (if so, try again the next day). Expires 2/27/18.
  • NEWYEAR20 – 20% off for existing customers. Max discount $10. Expired.
  • APP20OFF – 20% off for existing customers (second order, etc). Max discount $20. Expires 2/11/18. Expired.

Google Express delivers things directly to your door from participating merchants like Costco, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Target. Free delivery is usually included above a certain amount that varies (i.e. $35). There is no longer an annual membership fee.

Note that some prices may be higher than from in-store. You will usually see a clear banner noting if this is the case. For Costco, there are reports that the “coupon book” items are still at the store price. Otherwise, a 20% off coupon may still offset the higher costs and then some.


  1. Something to aware of: the prices for Costco items appear to be inflated through express than in person. The coupon about offsets the higher prices, but it’s not really a deal for Costco unless you are trying to avoid a driving trip.

    This also means that if you return something, return it via Google Express rather than to the warehouse, since the refund you receive at the warehouse will be for the lower price there.

    • Thanks for the tip. I read somewhere that the items that are on sale via the monthly mailer ad are the same price both at Google Express and in-store. Have you experienced this as well? I haven’t had a chance to verify.

      • I haven’t had been able to verify this either (I don’t get the mailer), but a discussion over at seems indicate you are right and that the mailer items are price-matched to the warehouse.

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