Frugal Recession Links: Food, Travel, and Healthcare

Here are some more potentially money-saving links:

Walgreens Offers Free Limited Healthcare For Unemployed
The Take Care Recovery Plan is an offer for free healthcare services at Walgreens Take Care Clinics throughout the remainder of 2009 for those families that suffered a job loss after March 31, 2009 and have no health insurance benefits. The offer includes most services for the treatment of illnesses and injuries currently provided at Take Care Clinics, including treatment and tests for common family illnesses such as colds, cough, flu, upper respiratory conditions and minor skin conditions.

Cici’s Pizza – Pick Up Pennies Promotion
Cici’s pizza is dropping a million pennies around their restaurants. The pennies are essentially coupons which might be good for a free meal, so keep your eyes open. I haven’t been to a Cici’s since high school.

Old Spaghetti Factory – 40% off on Tuesdays
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Old Spaghetti Factory has a special menu on Tuesdays for lunch or dinner where you can receive 40% off their Pasta Classics. My favorite dish is their pasta with brown butter and mizithra cheese, which is only $5.99. Not bad considering you also get bread, salad, and ice cream. Good until 5/26/09.

One-Way Travel Discounts
Want to save on a car rental, RV rental, or cruise? When companies relocate fleets, you can get great one-way deals. It might be interesting to work one of these into a cheap getaway.

300 Free Continental OnePass Frequent Flier Miles
Each of three boxes offers you 100 miles for learning about a new feature and entering your OnePass number. Quick and painless. The free checked baggage feature if you have one of their credit cards doesn’t sound too bad if you fly with them a lot.


  1. One more tip for Traveling. It has become a recent trend to take a last minute weekend getaway are bargain prices. My host company puts out a weekly “deals” newsletter with some great trips. Recent deals includes a 4 day trip to Ireland for $600, Canada for $300, Mexico for $400, and a host of domestic cities from $125 to $400. The key to using these trips is first flexibility with your schedule. Last minute deals really are last minute. You can schedule a free weekend for yourself and then look for the best deal of the week, or you can look for something interesting and be ready to jump on a plane and go. If traveling internationally get your passport ahead of time.
    Often the best deals leave from a minor city airport. It can be cheaper to find an flight to the small city rather then get a direct flight to your destination.
    If you want to stay longer just change the number of days on your online itinerary.

    I personally look forward to using these last minute specials.

  2. Thanks Johnathan

    I like Spaghetti Warehouse

  3. There is a sneak little fine print in Walgreen’s offer. It applies only to those who are CURRENT patients.

    From the PDF FAQ:
    “However, the Take Care Recovery Plan offer only applies to each of the
    above family members if at least one of the above visited a Take Care Clinic as a patient prior to the date of the terminated individual’s job loss.”

    I knew it was too good to be true. Those who had health insurance at job might have had no reason to visit walgreens for illness.

  4. How confusing and potentially misleading, the way they say current and future* patients:

    *This offer applies to any Take Care Clinic patient that loses his or her job on or after March 31 and has no health insurance. Any other individual that visits a Take Care Clinic as a patient after March 31, and then loses his or her job and is uninsured, may qualify for the offer for the remainder of 2009.

    So yes, it would seem you had to first see them when you were employed, and then lose your job.

  5. It’s a hedging strategy against job loss!

  6. Jennifer @ Money Saver 101 says:

    I didn’t know that about Walgreens. That’s fantastic! What a wonderful way to reach out to the community and help people.

    I’ve seen commercials for the Cici’s pizza thing, but I really think the best thing to do is to pick up those pennies and give them to the homeless. They need free meals more than anyone.


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