Free Tall Cappuccino + 15% Off at Barnes & Noble

Here is an e-mail coupon for a free Tall Cappucino at a Barnes & Noble Starbucks. There is also a coupon for 15% off one item. Expires 10/31/08. Via FW.

Sadly, for me the main draw of this offer is that with a Starbucks drink I can actually find a place to sit and browse through books inside Barnes. (They kick you out of the cafe area if you’re not a customer and it’s crowded.) The last time I actually found an open couch was probably 2005. The 15% off may be useful for those times when you simply can’t wait to go home and order it from or for 30% off…


  1. Hey my local B&N doesn’t have the seating problem 🙂

    This will likely see use.

  2. thank you! i’m drinking my free latte right now.

  3. Sweet, thanks Jonathan! Now I have a plan on where to kill a few hours tonite…

  4. Thanks. I tested both coupons last night.


  1. […] pizza ($13), T bought Newcastle ($13), and we each got a free latte from Starbucks Saturday (via MyMoneyBlog, good until 10/31).  I also bought a cookie ($2) and wanted to buy some new brown casual shoes […]

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