Free Retirement For Dummies Book

Okay, found one more freebie. Humana is offering a free copy of the 72-page book Retirement For Dummies by mail when you sign up for their REAL community. You must be of age 50+ to qualify. It looks like this book was specially made for Humana, as I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Via FW.


  1. I would like to retire before I am 50, is this like reverse age discrimination, no only joking. But I would be interested in the book and the concepts it takes on for people looking to retire early.

  2. Same thought as Kate. I need a few more decades.

  3. Hey Kate you can probably retire before 50, you just have to sets some goals and work towards it. I am working on retiring at 25.

  4. rubin pham says:

    given the heavy loss i incur from the s&p500 lately. i think i gonna need this book and read it from cover to cover.

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