Fill Out My Survey and Make My Money Blog Better!

I want to know more about you and what you think of my humble site. Please take 60 seconds of your time and fill out my Feedback Survey, because it will help me make this blog better for you.

It’s only 6 multiple choice and 3 short-answer questions. I promise to read all the submissions and I’ll share the results (and any changes I implement) with you when it’s done. Thank you!


  1. Where is the submit button?

  2. how do I submit this survey. There is no submit key?? At least, none I could find.

  3. Hmm… the submit key wasn’t showing up right in Internet Explorer. I think I fixed it! It should be at the very bottom.

  4. If you’re using firefox (or IE), resize the font by making them smaller and you should be able to see the submit button.

  5. Now it says:

    “Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions. ”

    Jonathan…I want a full refund! hmmm…wait a minute…i didnt pay anything to begin with….sorry, been reading ur blog way too long.

  6. Ha! Man this survey thing is tricky. Fixed again. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Didn’t work for me with IE and resizing. No issues when I used FireFox as far as SUBMIT button.

  8. The survey is crashing my Internet Explorer. I’ll have to try it on Firefox later.

  9. Blank page?

  10. Survey should work with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, and Safari. If not, please let me know, as I am actually paying a company (Wufoo) to do this survey.

  11. not working for me … nothing appears

  12. If it’s not working, please tell me the browser version that you are using.

  13. I.E. 6.0

  14. Was filling it out and accidentally refreshed, now I can’t finish, it shows up blank.

  15. I’ve submitted a support request, something about iframes they tell me. I’m still seeing the form fine, so hopefully this isn’t affecting everyone.

  16. I’ve changed it so the survey is no longer embedded in my site. I hope that resolves some issues, thanks.

  17. worked for me…

  18. page is not loading at all now

  19. I think it should now work for the most everyone using IE6, Firefox, and Safari, with the new link. If you can’t see it, I’m really sorry. I chose this company because their forms and graphs were pretty 🙂 If you want to email me your answers, I can submit them for you.

  20. It worked!!!!!!!!

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