Checking Account Bonuses: $125 From Chase, $100 From Bank of America

Here are some good potential bonuses for new customers:

Bank of America is offering a $100 bonus for opening a new personal checking account with them. Not available to existing checking account holders.

To receive your $100, apply online or go to your nearest banking center. Use offer code AOU2611, and open a personal checking account before January 31, 2008.

Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts and/or existing checking customers. Student checking accounts are not eligible for this offer.

Chase Bank is offering a $125 bonus for opening Chase Free Checking account at branch, and using Direct Deposit.

Offer valid 10/01/07 through 12/31/07. Chase Free CheckingSM requires a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by this bank or its affiliates) to qualify for the $125 reward. Chase Free Checking has no monthly service fee when you have a monthly direct deposit. Limit one personal checking account-related reward/premium per customer, per calendar year.

Note that both banks have pulled a hard credit check on me when applying online. Not sure if they would do so if you applied in branch.


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  2. Craig Lawver says:

    PNC Bank is also currently offering a free checking signup bonus. I opened an account yesterday at my local branch. $101.00 bonus if you setup direct deposit and the first direct deposit to the account is greater than $500.00. Love the site, keep up with the great work!!

  3. I recently received a 100 dollar reward from BofA for an early offer you posted. Thanks.

  4. Chase is also offering an additional $40 when you open a free savings account (0.2% APY) with $500 new money and set up automatic transfers of at least $100 a month (which can be deactivated when you get home). I got a mailer for this yesterday, but I’ll try to find a link.

  5. I notice that both offers say they will report the bonus as interest to the IRS. Is that how most of these offers work?

  6. Anybody know if a ACH transfer from ING Direct (or similar) qualifies as a “Direct Deposit” for the Chase deal?

  7. Chase will give you an additional $10 if you use online bill pay 3 times in the first 60 days.


  8. Chase offer is nto available in SoCal

  9. I think these offers can be hit or miss. I made my 100 bucks of the BoA offer. The money just appeared in my account withing a month. More recently, I made 2 calls to e-trade, and no credit. They want documentation that particular bonus existed. Arg. It’s not worth my time any more, so I closed the account.

  10. Annoyed, but still interested. I don’t have a chase within 30 miles of my area. Can I do this online? Also, could the direct deposit come from my ING account?

  11. Clarification: I’m reffering to an earlier BoA offer, and an earlier E-Trade offer.

  12. Man, that sucks. I signed up for the $100 bonus this year and now they make it $125?

  13. Sunil Arora says:

    Chase accepts ACH transfers for their direct deposit. Make sure you continue to transfer money every month otherwise you will get hit with a $6 inactivity fee.

    Most banks treat ACH transfers as direct deposits. Essentially they don’t care where the money is coming from as long as you keep it flowing.

  14. No Chase branch in CA :-( Hope they come up with an online offer

  15. I have some $25 coupons for chase which you can stack on top of this $125 to make your total reward $150, when you open an account in one of their branches. mail me at if you would like to get one.

  16. I received a coupon in the mail for $200 to open a Chase checking account with direct deposit. The restrictions also include the fact that the account has to stay open for 6 months or the $200 will be taken out of the account when closed.

    I normally wouldn’t go through the hassle, but I am going to do it to get back at Chase for screwing me over on a finance charge on a 0% credit card they had.

    I was charged $87 on a technicality, but they will pay me to open a checking account…

  17. can someonw provide the BofA link? thanks

  18. Isn’t Bank of America has monthly fees for their checking accounts?

  19. if you read the fine print of the chase account, it says you will be charge 22 dollars for checks.

  20. If you have 100,000 + in credit card arbitrage.
    and 25000 of it, is from a chase card.
    Is it wise to open up a chase account for the bonus, were they will do a hard credit check in front of you???

  21. Following the link above for the Chase offer redirects me to their main login page, whereas just the other day when I clicked on it, it took me to the coupon. Anyone having any luck with it now? It’s supposed to be good until 12/31.

  22. And you have be U.S. citizen…

  23. Bring in the referrals and you’ll get a total of $150. I got (4) $25 referrals left. Email me at and I’ll send you one.

  24. i have some of chase $25 chase referral coupons. It can stack with $100 and $125. Email me if you need it.

  25. I’ve got a BofA MyAccess checking open right now that I got $100 from (it was automatically deposited in it within a month – very fast). Now, looking at the terms:

    Offer expires 1/31/2008 and is available through our online application or in any Bank of America banking center. Offer does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts and/or existing checking customers. Student checking accounts are not eligible for this offer. Bank of America associates are not eligible for this offer. All accounts are subject to our normal approval process. This form must be presented at the time the account is opened if account is opened in a banking center. This minimum deposit required to open a new, personal checking account and receive the $100 offer is $100. We will make every attempt to directly deposit the $100 into your new Bank of America checking account. If for any reason we are unable to do so, a check will be issued as a replacement. We will deposit the money within 90 days of opening your new account. Limit one check per household. To the extent required by law, Bank of America will report the value of the offer to the IRS on Form 1099. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the account holder. For interest-bearing personal checking accounts, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 0.05% as of 10/9/2007 for any account balance. The rate may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Please consult a Banking Center, visit or see the Personal Schedule of Fees for other account fees, rates and information.

    So, it does not apply to second or multiple checking accounts and/or existing checking customers. If I close that account, it won’t be my second/multiple account and I would no longer be an “existing checking customer.” Does that mean I can keep opening & closing accounts and receiving $100 until this deal expires? If so, COOL!

  26. I did open the Bank of America account. I have never been a customer of BoA before.The thing that i didn’t like was that in order for you to get checks you have to pay.( the customer service rep i talked to mentioned 30 dollars) Another thing that i didn’t like was the fact that you have to have a direct deposit set up in order to avoid charges. of 5-6 dollars/month. It also seems like you need to have a certain minimum amount in that account.100 to open , 25 to maintain.. That sounds like lost interest to me (4% at my current checking place minus the .05% at BOA). Add the 1 hour I spent in total on this.. Maybe there isn’t such thing as free money after all.

  27. how do i get the chase bonus? the link to their website says it doesnt exist anymore…?

  28. I recently went to Chase to open an account anticipating the $125 cash back with direct deposit. To my dismay I was told that this link does not have a promo code for them to apply the bonus.I tried to look on but don’t find anything there either. Does anyone have access to this 125.00 cash back bonus with direct deposit code? I have 30 days to get back to them with it! Thanks!!

  29. to Eddie: close & open account may not work because of this clause:
    >>Limit one check per household

  30. Can you please provide the promo codes & related $promo amount or web page links?

  31. I am trying to take advantage of the Chase offer….but so far no luck. The branch is stating they will not honor the offer without the code. I looked on Chase site and no info and called their 800 with no luck. Does anyone have the offer code?

  32. Joan Surguine says:

    Yes, the coupon code is 3138738000070922. I had the exact same experience. Good luck!

  33. Does any one have coupon or Link for $100 bonus of Chase ? The link given above is not working. It seems there are sitll 2 days left to get this offer.

  34. I tried the code you so graciously offered. Unfortunately the codes seem to be individaulized. Where were you able to find the code you used? My banker says they will honor it for a couple of weeks after the expiration. Thanks! Happy New Year!!

  35. Please, please update this page. Great info!
    Here’s on from Lasalle for $100.

  36. Does anyone have the correct link to obtain the $100 bonus coupon for opening an account with Chase Bank.

  37. So, here it says this does not apply to existing customers, but I got one of those $100 check vouchers in the mail for a SECOND ACCOUNT with direct deposit. Has anyone else gotten this?

  38. How do I get a voucher for Chase when I already have an existing account

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