Buy, Rent, or Get Kicked Out

So I get a call from my landlord saying she just put up a bid for some beachfront property and may have to sell the house I’m renting to pay for it. Another “heads up” that we may have to move again in less than 9 months. I’m getting really. tired. of this crap. I almost want to buy a house just to not have to worry about it. Back to Craigslist I go, there are a lot of comparable houses that rent in the same price range. Maybe we can even save some money…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Get that $100 from

  2. scare your landlord with hurricanes and not to buy beachfront property

  3. Jane Dough says:

    Not sure what area you are in – but if in a cold climate then you are likely to find a cheaper rental deal this time of year. Just be sure to lock in a fixed term lease to prevent the 30 day scenario again.

    Good Luck!

  4. Ugggh. I feel for you.

    Luckily the only person that can kick me out of my house is my wife……… (or the bank I suppose)

  5. Buy a double that is empty on both sides. Rent the other half to a graduate student/med student/nursing student. Just rent to someone who is too busy to give you grief. Screw your landlord (and all future ones).

    — Renter for 14 years who finally finally bought a house

  6. Wow that sucks, I hate moving. Good luck!

  7. is mostly apartments, we’re looking for houses to rent primarily now. Good idea though.

    No hurricanes on the West Coast, ah well. I am hoping to find a decent deal since it is almost the holidays and a traditionally slow time of the year (people don’t like to move now – I know I don’t!)

    No buying anything for us, we’ll be out of here in 1.5 years. Can’t even qualify for the capitals gain exemption. Thanks for the the good thoughts!

  8. Moving blows…I am in the middle of one. We are building a new house but it is late getting finished. As such, my family has had to move in with my parents since we lost possession of our old house about 2 weeks ago. All our stuff is in storage. My two kids are handling it better than my wife – it can be pretty stressful for a wife to move in with her inlaws!!

  9. I agree with the other poster. Rent out any unused rooms in the rental house to students or young professionals who are working or studying too hard to come back home everyday. I used to rent out a room out of a house with a bunch of other students who were never around. I bet the landlord loved us.



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