American Express New York City Promotion: $50 off $200

I’m a little late on this one, but check it out you live in the New York City metro area or will be there in February. American Express has another promotion where if you spend $200+ at 2 or more participating merchants on a registered AmEx from February 1–29, 2012 then you will get a $50 statement credit. Register at In-store purchases only. Registration is limited!

For the best value, note that Costco is a participating merchant. Keep in mind, you’ll have to visit two of them, but given all they sell there (stamps, gift cards, toilet paper) you shouldn’t have a hard time saving $50 off on $200 of stuff you would have spent anyway. Screenshot:


  1. I wonder if there is any way to take advantage of this from outside of NY? Like having them run your CC over the phone and mail a gift card. Hmmm…any ideas?

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