AmazonLocal: $10 Amazon GC for $5

If it wasn’t for the ads on my Kindle (no good offers recently… boo), I wouldn’t even know that Amazon had their own Groupon-clone called AmazonLocal. I don’t even bother subscribing to any new copycat sites other than Groupon and Livingsocial, otherwise I get coupon overload.

Well, they are going to try and change that by selling a $10 Amazon gift certificate for $5 today, Tuesday 3/20. Limited quantities. I expect over a million to be sold, or else this promo will sell out in a flash with many disappointed people. Check out this page for details.


  1. Jon, you are amazing. 😀

    Just went and got it. The only downside is they only let you buy one!!

  2. Thanks as always…..I never know about any of these things unless I read it here.

  3. Thanks. Just got it. Its free money!

  4. What’s the catch with this?

    Is there some sort of privacy difference between Amazon and Amazon Local which allows them to collect / market / sell information?

    I ask because as a past amazon customer, they already have my information, but I’d be weary of giving it to them if the ‘local’ version allows them to sell it, etc.

  5. Captain Betty says:

    Thanks! An awesome deal!

  6. Tyrone Biggums says:

    Saw this on SlickDeals a few days ago. Some people on there are creating 15-20 accounts so they can buy one for each account..pretty crazy.

  7. I just have to chuckle. I guess you know it’s unusual to receive a discount when people are getting all excited about $5…

    But thanks for the heads up anyway Jonathon.

  8. I’m pretty sure AmazonLocal purchased their mailing list from Living Social. I never signed up for it but started receiving thier stuff a while ago. This is the first AmazonLocal one that i’ve bouight.

  9. Ditto everything TJ said.

    In fact, AmazonLocal actually LOOKS like LivingSocial’s website with different colors. I mean, the layout and language is almost the same. Is AmazonLocal actually LivingSocial with a different label?

  10. I know that Amazon was an early investor in AmazonLocal to the tune of many millions. I’ve never gotten an e-mail from them before today. Shrug.

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