PSA: Spend Your Toys R Us & Babies R Us Gift Cards and Rewards Dollars

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tru0Well, it’s official, Toys R Us (and Babies R Us) has announced that it will close all of its 700+ US stores by the end of the year, while other reports have the business running out of cash by May. They stated that they “expect” to accept gift cards and rewards dollars for another 30 days. However, I would spend any gift cards or store credit as soon as possible. We went over the weekend to do just that, and most of the “commodity” items like food, formula, and diapers were already starting to sell out. According to AOL, about 17.7 million in Borders gift cards were left outstanding when they shut down in 2011.

I’ve been reading a lot of nostalgic stories about Toys R Us, but my wife and I both commented that we hardly ever went into Toys R Us when we were kids. Even counting my visit this weekend, I’m pretty sure I’ve been inside one less than 10 times in my life. Sure, we saw the commercials on TV, but we never visited the physical stores. I guess I was never a “Toys R Us kid”.

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  1. Immanuel Johnson says:

    What? A few of my earliest memories are visiting a Toy’s R Us. Now lately, yeah never visit it but I mist admit I did get excited when I was younger for the Christmas Big toys catalog. How else did you pick out your toys list.

    • I don’t every recall making a “wanted toys list” as a kid. I just got some toys now and then. I’d probably get a 2-3 gifts at Christmas. My wife says I had a sad childhood, ha. I often wonder if that made me less interested in consumerism as an adult. Mostly I remember playing with Hot Wheels cars and my Lego blocks.

      My kids have a lot more toys than I did, but the vast majority of them are gifts. We participate in a lot of gift exchanging with friends and family, and I feel like they get more than enough toys from that already.

  2. I would go when I was a kid around Christmas and pick out what my grandmother would get me. It was always fun to go up and down all the aisles and look at everything, just like paging through the Sears catalog every holiday. Never went very much as an adult with my own kids. Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon filled the gap. Guess that’s what everyone did and why they’re going out of business. I went last weekend to use some gift cards the kids had and it was pretty busy. Seems everyone else had the same idea. Too bad about it closing.

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