TD Ameritrade Online Cash Services $200 Bonus

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It looks like TDA is following the trend of combining checking account features with their traditional brokerage accounts. If you have a TD Ameritrade account, this looks like a pretty easy $200 bonus score.

Visit this promotion page to sign up for Online Cash Services and if you (1) sign up for a Visa debit card and make 4 purchases of $10+ by 3/31/12, and (2) enroll in BillPay and pay 4 bills totaling $100 between 1/15/12 and 3/31/12, you will get $100 each = $200 total. Both the debit card and online BillPay are free services.

Many of you many have old, inactive TDA accounts that are still open and you can fund them to take advantage of this promo. Offer not valid for existing debit card holders or bill pay users (boo). Via reader Michael via FW.

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  1. Existing account holders only?

  2. iv signed up today and well seeif it works. I was reading on the FW page that new customers should be able to take advantage of this….it took only 10 minutes and a min deposit of $500; not bad considering you should be able to make $200.

  3. If you’re opening an account just to get this bonus, please note that there may be a charge to close the account, so that may impact the economics. If memory serves, the closing fee is $75 (I haven’t verified this.)

  4. Seems like it is open to all customers, assuming you can fulfill all the requirements in time.

  5. Re: the closing fee, you may be able to just withdraw all funds from the account and just let it sit indefinitely.

  6. if you deplete your account after you get the reward and let it sit they will probably close it on thier own and you will not have to pay any closing fees

  7. For bill pay — are there any tricks…can i pay myself.

  8. No real reason for tricks. Just pay your cable/insurance/electric/water/gas bill x4 times > $100. Pretty simple.

  9. @Gerry B

    I asked them about their acct closing fee policy & here’s what they say:

    “TD Ameritrade does not charge you a $75 fee to close your account. You would only be assessed a $75 fee if you transfer your entire account from TD Ameritrade to another brokerage firm. We charge the fee for the paperwork and processing of the transfer, not because the account is being closed.”

    I also asked about any other fees & here’s their response:

    “In addition, TD Ameritrade does not have any account maintenance fees, or a minimum account deposit requirement to open or maintain your account. So you will never encounter an inactivity fee, custodial fee, or monthly/annual fee. Typically the only fee you’ll encounter is the online equity commission of $9.99. No matter how many shares you trade, what exchange they trade on, or how much each share costs you still pay just $9.99.”

  10. following their rules, I assume you can also pay the same bill of lesser amounts.

    So, even though you have a $200 balance, make 4payments of $50

  11. i do have an inactive TD Ameritrade account. just finished signing up for both and made a deposit. spoke to a customer service rep to confirm this. thanks again!!!

  12. Did anyone get the bonus yet? The site said “The $100 credits will be applied to the account 5-7 business days from the offer end date of 3/31/12.” That should be today by my count; I haven’t gotten the bonus yet.

  13. I haven’t gotten my bonus yet either. I am assuming that April 6 and April 9 don’t count as business days (Good Friday and Easter) – but even then 7 business days would be the April 12th (today).

    I wonder if they had a lot of people take advantage of the offer. I will be contacting them tomorrow.

  14. I contacted them (via the form on the web site) yesterday and the bonuses showed up in my account this morning.

  15. Thanks for the post, Jonathan. Just got my free $200 this morning.

  16. You need to email ameritrade now to request the $200 for fulfilling the promotion, if you wish to receive promotion $200. They do not enter it by default.

  17. I never received mine either. I just emailed them.

  18. Just sent an email about this. Hope I’ll get the $200 too.

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