Tax Software Giveaway: H&R Block At Home

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H&R Block contacted me to help give away six copies of their H&R Block At Home tax preparation software (formerly TaxCut). Specifically, you will get a free code for H&R Block At Home Premium edition ($49.95 retail value), the level above Deluxe, which has added guidance for the self-employed (Schedule C) and those with rental income (Schedule E). Federal E-file is included. State filing is $34.95 extra.

First, please consider my other H&R Block At Home findings:

  • has H&R Block At Home Deluxe Federal + Federal E-File + State for $24.99. State E-file looks to be another $19.95 extra. (If you are willing to download directly onto your computer, it’s only $21.99. Here are the direct download links for Windows or Mac.) Premium is $44.77.
  • If you are okay with mail-in rebates, you can get H&R Block Deluxe bundled with some anti-virus software for $20 + $2 shipping, and get a $20 prepaid VISA card via rebate at TigerDirect. I couldn’t get the rebate form to download.
  • Until February 15th, you can visit a physical H&R Block location and get your return done for free, but only if you qualify for a 1040-EZ. (No itemized deductions, no dependents, no capital gains.) Otherwise, you’ll have to pay significantly more than the DIY software. Considering the 1040-EZ is only like a page long, if you qualify your taxes should pretty easy to do yourself anyway.
  • You can save 25% off all the online versions here.

If you’d like to be entered for the giveaway, just leave a comment with a valid e-mail below by 11:59pm Pacific on Tuesday, February 15th. Name not necessary. I’ll randomly pick 6 winners and contact you via e-mail.

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  1. I’ll give it a try.

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  10. Tis the season… for taxes.

    I plan on filing my federal return for free using Free File Fillable Forms (unless I happen to win). My state return will be paper – my state makes it easy with an auto-calculating PDF.

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    would even be willing to let readers know how it compares to a professional CPA preparation of the same return too…

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    I am in. I will use it for sure.

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    Good luck to everyone!

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    We’d love to have TaxCut Premium – we had a rental last year and not sure to use a CPA or not.

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  188. Just had an interesting experience doing my taxes with H&R Block free file. Everything went smoothly with the filing process until the IRS rejected my return because my birth date did match the one on file with Social Security. Never e-filed before so never had this problem. Turns out Social Security had the month and year of my birth on record but not the day of the month! In all these years they never tried to contact me about this, and the issue never came up before. Had to drive down to the nearest Social Security office with my birth certificate and photo ID in order to fix this. It will take 1 to 2 weeks for the correction to reach the IRS database if I’m lucky. This will hold up the refund I’m due from my state income tax since H&R Block will not submit the state return until the federal one goes through. Such fun!

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