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Visit to stop the delivery of those huge phone books. The site is reasonably easy-to-use, although they ask for a phone number and I chose not to provide my real phone number to an industry based on unsolicited advertising. I don’t have a landline anyway, so I don’t see why they should require it. It would be nice if they made the process opt-in, but I know that’s wishful thinking.

I’m sad to say I missed this up until now, and the last few phone books have gone straight from my doorstep to the recycling bin. If you don’t use printed yellow pages, fight the behavioral tendency to do nothing and opt-out today!

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  1. Why would I want to do that? I use my phone book often. Its much easier to compare locations. Its easier than going online when I don’t have time. I don’t have a smart phone so a phone book is wonderful!

  2. This is a good post but I’m skeptical on giving my home address to a website. My dilema is give out my home address or go through my once a year ritual of throwing them in the recycle bin.

  3. Having seen the phonebook delivered to my street with a system where one person sat in the back of a hatchback passing copies to runners who delivered to each doorstep I doubt the delivery system follows a written list of which houses not to deliver to. It would be interesting to know if you still get a phone book next year…

  4. I’m writing on behalf of the Local Search Association, which manages Thank you for spreading word about our site! While I understand your hesitation about entering your phone number and address, publishers need this information in order to locate your records in their system and ensure that they honor your opt-out request. Publishers may also try to reach you to conduct a phone survey to verify out-out compliance. Rest assured, all information you submit to the site is not shared with anyone other than publishers for the sole purpose of updating distribution lists.

  5. At least in my area it appears phone books are delivered to every door (i.e. canvasing), rather than associated with particular addresses. I think you would have equivalent success trying to get the local carryout restaurant to stop leaving flyers at your particular house.

  6. If it works, this is great! I’ve always wondered how to stop their delivery, yet never remember to look it up. Can you believe I had to opt out of ten, yes 10 phone books in our area?

    Hopefully you are getting some rest and enjoying the new baby!

  7. Maybe will sign up next year when you verify it works. 😀 I am always skeptical of these things as well.

  8. @ S Hobbs
    While I do think you represent a reputable organization, I’m not sure you understand. I don’t want someone calling me “to conduct a phone survey to verify out-out compliance” and I don’t want my name and address used to update someone’s address list (legitimate or not). I think Michael S and Robert’s opinion is actually the reality of the situation.

  9. Can’t believe the phone book still exists. Someone said it’s easier than online. WTH? How can it be easier than typing?

    With the iPad floating around the house, not much can compare to how easy that is. Swipe, type, read.

    Ours have gone straight to recycling for over 10 years now. More like 14.

  10. If you go to and check their opt out info it takes you to this web site. I’ll try it. Good heavens I hate the waste.

  11. As a follow-up, I’m not 100% sure this has worked as I have since received about 3-4 phone books since completing the above opt-out forms. Direct to the recycling bin.

  12. dennis popp says

    stop the phone book

  13. Lenore Billows says

    I only need local listings.

  14. I have received 3 phone books within the last month!!! There’s a phone number inside the phone book which after reading this, think I’ll call it instead.

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