Sprint Kickstart Promo: Ongoing Unlimited Plan for $15/Month

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Sprint just rolled out a Unlimited Kickstart promotion, which is unlimited talk/text/data for $15 per month, per line. No annual contract, and no end date. You can bring over your own compatible phone, or buy one from them. (Ex. Used iPhone 7 at $300.) Online orders only. New customers only. Requires port-in of your existing number. Offer is set to expire 6/14/18.

If you read this site, you know that Sprint has already been offering a year of free unlimited data for free. (I ended up paying about $3-$4 per line in taxes and fees.) But my free year is ending next month, so the rate is going back up the $60 per month for one line ($100 total for two). I will have to move out again, probably to Mint Mobile for 3 months (at $20 a month for 5 GB) and see how that goes.

Therefore, if you are confident you will be happy with the Sprint network for the foreseeable future, you might want to lock in the $15 per month now. However, if you aren’t sure then I would recommend getting the one year free. (A bird in hand is worth two in the bush…) Both are opportunities to take advantage of the fact that Sprint really wants to up their numbers to improve their merger negotiating position.

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  1. I think the plan requires you to give Sprint your Social Security number. However, I don’t know if they do a hard or soft credit pull when that happens.

  2. I signed up for the kickstart program yesterday, moving from republic wireless. It took 5 hours and I had to go to a store. The process online was quick and simple, but the phone would not provision and got stuck in a loop. Two other people I know did the same and had other issues. One had it resolved online, except they fixed it by signing them up for a normal plan but will adjust it to the kickstart plan. The other said they never actually applied online, even though they have the emails and order numbers. They are still trying to get the change over resolved, but might pull the plug and return to republic wireless.

  3. Jonathan– Are you worried about the voicemail problems on iPhone with Mint?

  4. Sprint coverage in our immediate vicinity is decent but I do wonder about national and international coverage. You haven’t had an opportunity to use much of either, have you?

    • I haven’t traveled a lot in my year of Sprint, limited to the West Coast and Canada (Vancouver). Sprint is definitely the weakest of the 4 carriers in my experience. I usually got reliable voice coverage, but LTE is okay in metro US areas, spotty most other places, their “4G” is slow, their “3G” is really slow. I did like that the free Global Roaming meant that if I did have a signal, I could use it to make a call or text. I didn’t have to worry about opting in to some optional plan or getting charged $2 a minute for a voice call.

  5. Richard Feury says:

    Just spoke to Sprint and you better look into roaming charges. Many people have forgotten about roaming charges since most all carries have no roaming charges. Sprint does. Buyer beware.
    Your data speeds also are slowed down if there are high usages in there more expensive plans. What this means is that you are considered a second rate customer and unlimited data means unlimited but once again at what speed? Buyer beware.
    We spoke to two different sales persons who claimed they didn’t know for sure, didn’t know what the roaming fees would be and had no idea of how slow the service would be. If they don’t know maybe they just don’t want to own up to it! I’m sticking with what I have for now. Yes it is more expensive but is it really? When you add roaming and the “other” fees who knows what you would be charged? They don’t.
    Please do your own research and post your comments on other sites so the consumers can be made aware what the $15 dollars a month could really be.

  6. They also offera 55 Plus plan for oldsters. Supposed to be for new customers but Iwas ableto switch to it. $50 first line, $30 for second and save $5 a line for auto pay. Final monthly cost $70 plus fees. I was scheduled togo up to $100 for unlimited calls, text and data.

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