Smart DIY Home Security Startups: Canary and Piper

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I’ve written about my Simplisafe DIY security system which I still use and like, but Canary and Piper are two new startups that are trying to disrupt the industry even further. Similar to what Nest did to thermostats, they use a combination of sleek software, internet access, and compact sensors to create a sleek solution to an old problem.

Each “home security in a box” includes an HD camera, motion sensor, microphone, thermometer, siren, and Piper even adds home automation abilities (say, to turn your lights on or off remotely). Both cost around $200 and won’t require installation or monthly fees. Both will offer companion smartphone apps. Both are asking for funding (including pre-orders) on Indiegogo, with Canary already at over a million dollars and ending in less than 24 hours. I’ll probably wait until these hit the market first, as it’s not exactly clear how they replace a conventional call center. I’m not sure if just sending me text alerts is enough.

Below are the pitch videos for each product:

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  1. I would be interested in a system like this if the buy in was low and there were no recurring fees. I guess will need to check back once its off the ground and the kinks are worked out.

  2. security blob says:

    No advertisement but Simplisafe seems to be good in terms of modular pieces, cell technology, and monitoring rates. At the time i saw that Verizon or Att also has similar piece meal approach to security. It is easily doable for folks with smartphone. For those who want third party monitoring, I found small firms or simplisafe to be much better than the likes of ADT. Home security seems to be going in the direction of DIY. Wont be surprised if Walmart or Home depot sell basic kits – or maybe they already are.

  3. playcentric says:

    would be interested when it becomes available

  4. With all the recent news stories about people hacking into personal devices, such as web-enabled baby monitors, I would be nervous about putting internet security cams in my house!

  5. I’m just going to booby-trap my house. Something involving hidden shotguns and shells filled with salt and concentrated pepper. I like my burglars spicy.

  6. I’m always hesitant to do DIY for the home security system but your tips seem easy to manage. Thanks!

  7. Have you pursued either of these, Jonathan?

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