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There seems to be an explosion of finance-related blogs out there now, from frugal living to personal finance to stock trading to real estate investing. I’ve either run across these myself or had people recommend them to me. Today I’m resolved to catching up on old e-mails and comments, and at least making a list of them to visit. My apologies to all if it’s taken a while, or if I leave anyone out. It looks like I’m going to need to starts a separate links page to help categorize some of these blogs! In no particular order:

Frugal For Life – “Support for those living the lifestyle, helping those in need and a window for all others who are curious. Experience life, by living a simple, frugal life!”

Clutter to Cash – “Charting my progress and sharing experiences as I try to go from clutter queen to cash-tastic and enjoy an early retirement”

Nasdaq Trader – Stocks and options trading strategies and news. Lots of talk on specific stocks and overall trends. One of these days I’ll better understand 🙂

FreshPerspective – Ryan’s blog covers a variety of topics, entertaining read.

Trim The Fat – In his own words, John is blogging “to increase my cash deposits and decrease my fat deposits.” I’m currently working on my own health-related blog.

RetireYoungAndWealthy – An Australian chap living in Japan and investing in real estate in both countries, as well as New Zealand. I’m very impressed!

Blog My Life – The story of a guy who “not too long ago found myself, a talented web developer, inches from living on the street, my fiance leaving me, credit destroyed, jobless, and completely unhealthy” and his journey back to a “normal life”. Interesting stuff, and I think the “Fat Pictures” are powerful – definitely something I thinking of copying for my own not-so-slim self.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity – “…your helpful guide to financial security and independence.”

Sharp Money – “With this blog, I?ll explore opportunities for making and saving money. Topics will include investing, online affiliate programs, blogging for money, and anything else I deem on-topic.”

Growing Money – “Smart money management and investments. Discussions of efficent ways of saving money and strategies for investments.”

A Better Way To Invest:
An Unbiased Guide for Individual Investors – This last one isn’t a blog but a interesting investing guide that focuses on the benefits of ETFs (exchange-traded funds). (Thanks Beezer!)

(Please see comments for more links)

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  1. Thanks for the link and the other sites I haven’t seen yet!

  2. You forgot Wealth Junkie –
    Our journey into wealth. Join us for the ride.

  3. Came back from spending my last dollar tonight, and had just updated my blog for the first time in a little while when I saw this post amongst my new articles… Thanks for the mention. You’ll be happy to know there are new fat picks and an explaination on where I disappeared to for a few days there.

  4. And of course there’s, Our Money, Our Future.

  5. Thanks guys & gals – I did miss some, let clean out my bookmarks and also add:

    Spending Wisely – “Reflections on spending, saving, investing, and living simply.”

    Yahoo’s Joy of Frugal Living – Finance Special Edition

    Money Stuff – “Everyday Finance”

    Galatime – “A blog of my experiences with trading options in the US financial markets”

    Valued Living – “Living Well ? Within our Means” Loft-y Cent – PF blog by a college student. I wish I knew what an IRA was when I was in college.

    FinanceProfessor – “A discussion page of Finance News, Academic articles, and other things”

    I’ve got way too many bookmarks! This way I can also access at work and travelling. There may be more as I sort…

  6. I just wanted to add, that for those of you fellow bloggers that already have a link to MyMoneyBlog, thanks a lot!

    For those of you that don’t, could you please consider putting a link to MyMoneyBlog up? I’m just trying to get listed on Google to satisfy my ego (and my friends), and I just can’t seem to do it! Thanks!


  7. Jonathan,

    Yeah, I’m trying to get Google to notice me too. It is a lot of work but will be worth it in the long run.

    Don’t worry, you are linked to my wonderful blog (just teasin’).



  8. You have a great site. How did you find my blog?

    Thanks for listing me. How do you get picked up by Google? I want to know too.

  9. FYI…I’ve got your link on my blog site:

    Personal Finance for the New Age

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