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You’ve heard of YouTube, but what about Revver? It’s a video-sharing site that also shares advertising revenue with either people who upload their own videos, or simply share existing ones. The creator gets 40%, Revver gets 40%, and the sharer gets 20%. I just read in USA Today that they have now paid out $1 million out to users. These guys have made over $50,000 alone for this Diet Coke/Mentos video:

I uploaded my super-amateur Roth vs. Traditional IRA video for kicks, but it hasn’t been approved yet. I’m sure making serious money this way would be very difficult, but if you had the creativity or happened to get lucky taping something unique, this might be both fun and profitable. There are a bunch of other sites like MetaCafe that also profit-share, but they seem to be much more selective.

In the creative department: I’ve been wasting time watching a lot of HappySlip videos, which are essentially a one-woman show – she is actor (with multiple roles), writer, producer, and director. Just her, a cam, and a Mac. Highly amusing!

In the lucky department: This blogger apparently got a 300-page iPhone bill, taped it, and has made $5,000 so far.

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  1. There is a guy on Metacafe that gets paid for his videos on gadget hacks.

    He has made $60,000 so far.

  2. I’ve posted a couple videos to Revver. nothing super original; one of my cat being weird and another hurting my shoulder on slip ‘n’ slide. So far I’ve made a whopping $0.51!!! I agree that unless you are extremely creative or happen to get the once in a lifetime moment captured on video, you’re not going to make a large amount of money. But at least I can make a little bit verses posting it for free on Youtube.

    btw, here’s my “moneymaker” video

  3. Omg, I’m a big fan of HappySlip! We came from the same country, so I could understand the context and language she injects every now and then in her videos. Love her!

  4. Jonathan, Speaking of that Roth vs. Traditional video, go look at the last comment to that video posted by me and tell me what you think.

  5. Joseph Sangl says

    Unfortunately, people would rather watch Diet Coke blow up under the influence of Mentos instead of investing their money into a solid IRA or Roth IRA investment.

    I like the IRA vs. Roth IRA video way better. Call me weird, call me crazy, just don’t call me BROKE!

  6. God I have to pee now.

  7. Sweet, Revver made My Money Blog!

    I’ve been visiting your site for a few months now after my brother introduced me to it. I usually stop by once a week and hadn’t seen today’s post, so I was pretty thrilled when he e-mailed me a link to this page.

    In the My Money Blog spirit, I can give you a few tips on how to best maximize your earning potential w/ online video.

    Submit to sites that pay. Revver and Metacafe are your best bets, but Revver pays out on all videos, with no minimums to reach before earning. Our good friends at Tubemogul have developed a way to upload to multiple video sites that’ll make distribution easier.

    Share videos. Revver is the only online video sharing service that pays you for sharing content – everything you see on Revver can be shared on your blog – earning you 20% of the ad revenue off the top. We have an easy to use and incredibly customizable widget you can put in your blog sidebar that not only adds relevant content and value to your blog, but the potential for revenue as well. Think of it as Adsense with value adding content :).

    Supplemental sites. There are additional sites that offer revenue sharing opportunities around video such as Flixya – which pays you a cut of Google Adsense revenue.

    Episodic content. Episodic content works really well. As Rob noted, creators like KipKay, French Maids, Happy Slip, Wallstrip, iJustine, etc. Eepybird made their fortune off a viral video classic, but we have other creators that have earned nearly as much based on their audience’s continued loyalty.

    Build it and promote it. Obviously a much more involved step (although we’re working to make that easier), but we have the most robust and flexible API available, if you have an idea that could be enhanced with video, check our our developer center to quickly integrate a monetized video solution.

    Lastly, here’s a blog post I wrote a little while back that give a hint of some sample earning potential involved.

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance,
    Asi Behar
    VP, Software Engineering – Revver

  8. I heard the Mentos/Diet Coke guys spent several grand producing their video (costs of materials, practice takes, etc.). But it looks like it has paid off for them!

    Their stunt even got featured on MythBusters, which as well all know, is THE benchmark for fame in the science community! 😉

  9. Thanks for the tips, Asi 🙂

  10. Glad to help Jonathan :).

    There is one key piece of advice I remembered after posting – duration really matters. Viewers in this medium have pretty short attention spans. The sweet spot I’ve seen between good content and viewers sticking around for the whole video typically lies in the 1-3 minute range. While we do offer preroll ads on eligible content, the main ad is at the end of the video, so long videos and really long credits typically result in a higher drop off of viewers and lower earnings.

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

  11. Anyone got any good tips on how to make some money off of revver? And does Metacafe and TubeMogul pay you for your videos when they’re viewed?

  12. Buck Rockstrong says

    Actually, Revver is at least as selective as Metacafe. I’m quite sure Metacafe pays more per view, but you get nothing until the post reaches 20,000 views. The best bet is to post on Revver, Break AND Metacafe. With Revver, all the views help earn money, even if the post never gets a lot of views, so you could simply post more videos to build up the income. Embedding videos gets extra money, so another thing to consider is Vodpod. Make a playlist of attractive stuff, and stick your own videos in with them. The views count, even if you put someone ELSES Revver videos on your “vodpod”! To better understand this, just google ‘Vodpod’, and consider other opportunities to embed Revver videos. Also, maybe google “Adsense” and hone your “WMovieMaker” skills

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