LastPass Premium Discount: 12-Month Subscription for $6

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lastpass0If your password manager of choice is Lastpass, right now HumbleBundle is selling a 12-month subscription of LastPass Premium for $6. (You do have a password manager, right?) This works out to $0.50 a month as opposed to the regular price of $2/month. According to SD, the keys are redeemable for both new and existing customers, and you can even buy two codes to stack (per payment type) for multiple years. I am not sure of the exact differences between Free and Premium, as Lastpass seems to hide those in order to push Premium. I am a 1Password user, which is $3 to $5 per month for cloud users.

Deal ends July 30th. Codes redeemable until September 1, 2018. 12 months subscription starts from the date of activation.

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  1. Jared L Ross says

    Thank Jonathan, I recently switched from Safe-In-The-Cloud to LastPass, it’s great!

  2. The Frugal Millionaire says

    Of course I have a password manager. It came from the Dollar store and is called an address book. I list websites and such alphabetically and away I go. Yes, I’m old school, but it has worked for the 20+ years I’ve been using the computer. There weren’t any password managers back then, so that became my system and that has remained my system. And the address book has never once crashed!

    • If you are keeping a secure (long) unique password for all of your websites in your address book, then I applaud your discipline. You should keep doing whatever works best for you.

      Personally, I was initially hesitant to use a password manager but now use it probably 20-50 times a day at least. The best part of the password manager is not just keeping a unique password for each site, but not having to type them in manually! For me, the time saved typing is worth it alone.

  3. I have a dumb question. I’ve been using Lastpass on my PCs for a couple years. I’m tempted to get this for mobile, but does it use enter passwords from web browsing, or for apps also. I’m tempted to buy this whether I can use it or not, since I have been using their PC browser plugins for free for years now.

    • Lastpass premium definitely lists the ability to input passwords in mobile apps and inside mobile browsers. Not sure about free version, maybe someone else can help with that.

  4. Troy Brown says

    I appreciate that LastPass seems to be improving and am willing to purchase the premium for this price without even knowing what additional features I’ll get.

    Is 2 years the max stack? Do you simply purchase it twice in separate transactions? I’m not seeing the option to change the quantity in the cart.

    • I’m a longh time reader of the blog and want to throw in my opinion here. I have used LastPass premium for the last two years, first $12/year now $24/year. I, like johnathan, use my password manager easily 25+ times a day and it is SO worth the TWO DOLLARS a month now. This discount is silly cheap but I think I’ll probably just keep paying the two dollars a month as this is by far the most important computer program to me. Every website has a unique stupid long password that I never have to type in and all I need to do is remember my long, impossible to guess but super easy to remember , password (I feel like I’m sounding like a salesperson for them???! I definitely am not).
      As for the persons question per mobile app and password filling in, if you use the app directly and the web browser it will fill in the site passwords automatically. Otherwise you will need to just open the Lastpass app, copy and paste the password and then paste it in to use your app. However, at this point all my important apps allow me to use my fingerprint to open them (just like Lastpass) so I do the copy/paste process rarely.

      Definitely whole heartedly recommend Lastpass, but as long as you use SOMETHING to manage them, it works. If you are on the fence pay the $6 and just try it. It’s great once you get used to it.

    • I think you can buy a single key twice (2 transactions) with the same credit card. You can also repeat another 2 transactions with PayPal.

      • Troy Brown says

        I did one CC and one PP, could only add one to my account so I inquired and received this response: ”
        The Humble Bundle offer is applicable for only 1 year of Premium subscription. If you have made multiple purchases you will need to get in touch with Hunmble Bundle. ”

        Oh well. We’ll see how much I value premium for a year and if I like it, will keep an eye out for another offer.

  5. how can you apply this to your existing free account? having trouble

  6. nevermind I figured it out – I have an odd question though..

    basically if someone gets on my computer (even if I have 2 factor authentication) – they still can login to any of my stuff .. I don’t get why you’d want this

    • I’m not sure what the options are for LastPass, but it should ask for the master password at least once a day. Mine asks once every 15 minutes or so.

    • you can set it to a specific interval of when to reprompt you for your password. Mine is set every 3 or so hours, but I also have a password on my laptop that they would need to get into, so it’s more just layers of security. If they get my home computer, which has no password required, then I have much bigger problems and will immediately change the password via the app on my phone.

  7. still going says

    is the deal expired? I was thinking 7/30/18 end of day was expiration but I’m not seeing it when I click through today (7/30)

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