How To Make Money From 0% APR Balance Transfers (Index)

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I. Introduction and Warnings About 0% Balance Transfer Offers

Here I present the big picture, why this is worth the trouble ($$$), and who shouldn’t be doing doing this.

II. Scouting For 0% Balance Transfer Offers

This part covers how to break down a credit card application to see of it’s a good deal or not. Specific examples and screenshots are given. You can also see the ‘Best Offers’ list below.

III. Application Tips and Getting Cash From 0% Balance Transfers

Here I guide you through the application process while showing you how to maximize your profit. Finally, step-by-step instructions are provided on how to get your interest-free money.

IV. Setup And Management of 0% APR Balance Transfers

This part covers the ongoing card management of setting up your minimum payments and paying off the card balance.

V. What Happens After The 0% APR Period Expires?

(New) This added section goes into what happens after you pay off your card, and continuing the process.

Questions and Answers

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I requested your questions and then listed them all with my responses, broken into three parts. If you have additional questions, odds are they are answered in there.

List of Best 0% APR Offers

Best Pre-Screened No Fee 0% APR Balance Transfer Offers – This is a list of the best offers I have found, many of which were used as examples in the parts above.