Gimme Gimme Gimme, err.. Give Give Give

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‘Tis the Season of Giving. And that means tons of snail mail from all kinds of charitable organizations. Everyone wants of piece of your generosity. I haven’t even heard of half these organizations – Endangered seahorses? Home-bound elderly folk who want more rap to listen to? I’ve got a lifetime supply of ‘free with a side of guilt’ mailing labels.

My wife already has her list of organizations she plans to give to: 4-H, and her alma mater. Me, I was never very attached to my school nor their sports teams. Last year I gave to Modest Needs. So, I’m opening it up to you all for some suggestions, just leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

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  1. I’m supporting Samaritan’s Purse ( this year.

  2. Habitat for Humanity is doing a lot of work in response to Katrina this year and next (

  3. I’m a huge fan of Samaritan’s Purse as well. Looks like FMF and I frequent the same charities as well as the same blogs (Blueprint). 🙂

  4. I support Project Wildlife. This is an organization local to San Diego that rescues, rehabilitates and releases wildlife that injured, usually due to humans. I’ve seen this organization close-up, there are no frills and charitable donations are spent wisely.

  5. Whatever your choices are, and there are many out there, its always a good idea to check them out on and/or to make sure that they are using donations efficiently, and for the intended causes.
    Both sites allow you to search for charities as well, if you have specific causes, locales or other criteria in mind.
    Some people prefer to donate to a charity where their donation, however small, is more meaningful because of the relative size of the organization and/or monies they raise. It all depends on the person.
    But no matter, what you choose, charity is always a good idea, whether you donate money, or your time, which in many cases can be even more valuable. Even if it isn’t a line item on your 1040 🙂

  6. Yeah those sites are pretty cool for checking out how efficient the charities are. I won’t be itemizing deductions this year, so I don’t get a tax break for giving to charity anyways.

    Giving time is great, I just don’t put enough effort into making it happen. Having to commit time every week is hard for me to do, but is something I will work towards.

  7. I usually donate time vice money. More gratification for me. I never donate to my alma matter (college). I figured they charged me an arm and a leg just to get through so they don’t need anymore of me…lol. Though I tend to do donations to my high school when the need arises.

  8. Jane Dough says

    I tend to give locally. In the Boston area my two favorite charities are Rosie’s Place and The Home for Little Wanderers

  9. Have you ever contemplated giving securities. It is really more efficient, and most reputable charities have a system set up to receive such donations. Your donations are larger because the earnings are not taxed on your side, and then there is no tax when the charity sells the stock because its basis because the price at which you donated the stock–You should really look into it–just set up a small-cap growth stock account at Vanguard, hold the stocks for a year, and then you have a fund to start donating from–contribute each year to the fund and then donate the securities instead of the actual cash!


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