Gift Idea: Costco Membership Certificates w/ $50 in Free Costco Coupons

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Update: Costco is no longer allowing me to sell these certificates. Sorry!

I was walking through Costco today and saw that they starting to promote the Costco memberships as gifts for the holidays. I got one last year, and I thought it was a nice, practical gift idea for these frugal times. But hey, why not give them a $50 membership and $50 in coupons good towards free Costco stuff? Read on:

I am happy to be able to offer special Costco membership certificates again to MyMoneyBlog readers. Available only online, they are $50 each with free shipping, and are good towards new Gold Star memberships and also upgrades to Executive Membership. Just bring them into your local Costco to redeem.

This is exactly the same price as you would pay at a Costco store, but with each membership certificate you order, you will also receive a coupon booklet worth more than $50 by itself, including a FREE rotisserie chicken, FREE 100-print digital photo processing, a FREE Kirkland Signature™ 2 lb. bag of coffee, FREE Kirkland Signature 48 pk “AA” batteries – and more.

  • Join as an Executive Member: Purchase two Membership Certificates at $50 each.
  • To join as a Gold Star Member or upgrade your existing membership with one Membership Certificate at $50.
  • Give the gift of Costco Membership Certficates for any occasion.

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  1. auntie_green says

    Couple of comments .

    1. I love Costco. I am there way too much. Probably twice a week
    2. I was on a weekend getaway with some girlfriends about a month ago. Waiting in line at the airport, one of my friends brought up topic of womens jeans, some women need to buy $200 jeans for whatever reason. I said something like “My jeans all say ‘kirkland’ rather than ‘7 for all mankind’ on the a*s, the lady behind me got a kick out of that”
    3. Costco has some deals, but they aren’t always the best price. Example. Canned vegetables. I pay attention because I volunteer at my church’s food pantry. My local Costco has 8 cans of corn or peas for $8.69. I’m in Socal. this is a very good price compared to Ralps or Albertsons. But when Ralphs or Albertsons has a sale, its cheaper. Example, last week, Ralphs had Del Monte Corn on sale for 50 cents a can when you bought 10 cans. so if you pay attention, Costco is not the best pricing by far
    Granted, who cares, when you are buying for 1 or 2 or even a family of four, but I care, when I volunteer at a Food Pantry and we are always short of veggies.

    BTW, PLUG HERE. DONATE TO FOOD PANTRIES. WE ARE VERY SHORT. I can only speak for the one I’m at, but we are chronically short of juice, jelly, canned raviioli like Chef Boyardee stuff, Hamburger Helper stuff. Anything. Please don’t forget your local food pantry.

    For those of you who read the Warren Buffett book, the Snowball, or follow him, please please please remember, IF YOU ARE LIVING IN THE U.S. AND HAVE A 40-HOUR A WEEK JOB, YOU ARE WAY MORE BLESSED THAN 95% of the planet!

  2. Does it work if I already have their executive membership, i.e. can I use 2 certificates to renew my executive membership?

  3. This is a good deal. When we signed up for Costco we went with an offer like this and got our coupons in the mail in about a week.

  4. No one actually answered the question about using these certificates for Gold Membership renewal in the older post. People reported successful renewals with Executive Membership so I assume they will work with Gold Membership as well but can someone confirms? Thanks.

  5. Costco-lover says

    I must need more coffee this morning. I am a Costco member currently, and I want to upgrade to an Executive membership. It looks like I have to pay $100 to do that. How can I upgrade for only $50?

  6. @Costco-lover – You can’t get Executive for only $50. However, you can get the upgrade for the usual price AND get $50 in coupons including some free coffee (see above). 🙂

  7. Costco-lover says

    I’m not trying to be stubborn here, so maybe I am missing something….I am already a Costco Gold Star member, and would like to upgrade to Executive in order to receive the specials. If I were to go into Costco, that would only cost me $50 (they would probably prorate it, but that’s beside the point.)

    So I should only have to pay another $50 correct, since I’m upgrading my Gold membership to Executive? If I pay the $100 like it shows at the bottom of the offer, then I have essentially paid $150 for my membership. I don’t want to do that.

    How do I upgrade my existing membership to take advantage of this offer.

    Thank you for your help Jonathan! I love your blog and read it almost daily!

  8. I think this is a great idea. If i didn’t already have a membership I would buy one here. I will definatley consider giving some as gifts this way.

  9. My Gold membership expired in October 09. Can I use this to join again? That is, do I count as a “new” member since I let my membership expire?


  10. According to Costco rules, if I ugrade my present Gold Star Member to Executive, I should pay prorated ~$50/12month*8month=$33.3 as it expires on Aug 31, 2010.

    But through your web-site I have to pay $50. If I bring $50 Membership Certificate to Costco, will they give me back $50-$33.3=$16.7? Or what?

  11. is this offer still valid, I keep trying to sign up and it says it’s dead

  12. Is this offer still valid. It’s time for me to renew my membership so it would be helpful if i could use it now

  13. Hi There,

    I tried to follow the link to get the certificate, but it comes up with a page asking for my email address, with this message:

    “The on-line offer that you have responded to is not available to the general public. This offer that you responded to is only available to certain program participants. Please contact your Member Entity, Association, or Employer group if you have questions concerning this offer. If you would like to be contacted by our customer service team please enter your email address and we will contact you.”

    I put in my email address, but I’m concerned. Is this still good?

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