Citibank Doesn’t Hate Me.

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I guess Citibank doesn’t hate me as much as I thought they did. I just received my cashback check for $112.47, right on time:

Citi Dividend Check Scan

You gotta love getting over $100 in free money just for pumping gas and buying groceries!

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  1. holy smoke! again, i signed up cuz i saw it here

  2. Nice thing about this Citi Card is that once you hit their $50 threshold for rewards you get ALL your rewards due back. Not like those cards where they only give it back in $50 increments. Not quite as good as the Chase Perfect card where you get your rewards as a credit against your balance the next month and there are no thresholds. But then the Perfect card doesn’t have 5% cash back.

  3. Nice…
    Dumb questions.. does that card work a Super Walmarts? I know some are restricted to “grocery stores”. Since Wally World is close by, cheap, and a one stop shopping, I do most of my shopping there…
    Just curious

  4. Hi.. How long did it take you to receive the check after you requested it?

  5. ha…just got ours too!

  6. Chris,

    This Citi card will not work at super walmart, though the chase version supposedly does.

    I have a check on the way from my citi card also for around $119.

  7. I think Garrett is correct above. I requested my check online on about 3/8, received 3/21. Citi said 7-10 business days, and mine was 9 business days.

  8. You mentioned Safeway in the post you referred to, does it work with Safeway gas? That’s 3 cents off gas, plus 5% of the purchase. If one gallon of gas costs $2.59 (last time I checked at Safeway) that is a total comes to 2.43 a gallon! 16 cents off! Woo!

  9. Russell,

    It should. Since it qualifies as either grocery or gas purchase. All depends on how they have the machine coded.

  10. Hmmm, you definitely have my wheels turning. I’m thinking about adding Citi to the herd after closing. I’ll use all of your Citi posts as a guide when I get to that point.

    Congrats on the cash back refund!

  11. Just a reminder that I *only* use this card for gas and groceries, so this check is all from just doing those two things. So if you are one of those people who worry about spending more with credit cards than cash, why not just get one for gas only? I don’t see how you could overspend on gas just because you pay with a credit card.

    I get 2% cash back on everything else with my MBNA card (see part 2 of link I pointed to)

  12. can’t wait for my BT to run out on the my Citi card so I can start charging gas & groceries on it, so far they’re being charge on a cruddy 1% cash back card. argh!

  13. John Carroll says

    Yeah. It doesn’t work with Super Walmart. That kinda sucks for me as it is 0.5 mile from my home 🙁

  14. I have the Chase Cash Plus Rewards card and it does work at Super Walmart. I did most of my christmas shopping at Walmart and got 5% back on everything.

    I did some more research on this and I guess it depends on how the individual store has their card reader set up. I guess some Super Wal-Marts have it set up as grocery (5%) and others have it as retail (1%)

    Luckily the one near me is grocery 🙂

  15. Awesome post. I used to use Discover until I discovered the 5% cash back cards.

  16. I have both citi and Chase and they are great.(just got two checks from them!)
    Anyone can tell me how to tell whether a certain transaction is qualified as a 5% rewarding purchase? (especially for the Chase card)

  17. SecretSaver says

    Hey Jonathan, where is the link for the 2% back MBNA card you mentioned a few posts up from this one? I am interested in that one for everything but Gas, Grocery and Drug Stores. Thanks!

  18. Jonathan, Citibank doesn’t hate you because you are still providing them business. You are not one of those idiots who pay the 30% APR but that does not mean you are not a good customer.

    If you spend a good $10,000 with that card a year you are still providing Citi business. For then to pay you 5% I am sure they get 6-10%.

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