Bought Quicken 2005 Deluxe to compare with Money 2005

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Ok, so after “reconciling” tons of transactions with Money 2005, I went ahead and purchased Quicken 2005 on the way home yesterday. I figure, the $60 is worth it in the long run if I can get my budget in order and improve on it, and I got MS Money cheap. I’m not giving up on Money just yet, I just want to find the best product for me.

First impressions? I only installed it last night, but downloading transactions for most banks has been smoother than with Money, everything balanced out right. However, some banks, like VirtualBank and Presidential Bank, don’t seem to export in Quicken’s new format. May the best personal finance software win.

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  1. oh yeah, if Quicken 05 works well with BofA, let me know. This is the main reason why I got fet up with Money 05. My credit union savings/checking updates fine, my amex cards updates fine, my other credit cards updates fine..

    BUT my BoA checking (which I use mainly) and credit card does not update well.

    I should have suggest you to check out the review from on Quicken 05 before you purchase it, its not a bad rating or anything, but it’ll give u more info:

    here’s the review on MS Money 05:

    It boggles the mind when MS uses Yodlee technology, and Yodlee updates fine on their site, but not in MS 05. Plus, there’s that funky MS online database thing.

    anyways, I really like some of the feature, when they do work. I guess I’m ranting big time, but I spent hours on Money 05, trying to update and input everything correctly, putting them in the right category, so I can see my expenses charts, but they get quickly wiped out when an online update sync goes astray.


  2. BofA is my primary bank. I have two checking accounts, a line of credit, and credit card with them that update very smoothly. Also the BofA BillPay works from within Quicken. I hardly ever login to the BofA webpage since I’ve switched to Quicken. When I switched to Quicken, I did have to active Quicken online transactions from the BofA site. If I recall I found some link on the web page that activates the magical connection between Quicken and BofA.

    Again, the only thing I don’t care for in Quicken is the reporting. Money’s reports seemed more refined to me. But then again, Money had problems keeping my accounts balanced, and that is the main point for having a personal finance program.

  3. I’m liking Quicken better. It seems more hearty and I used to provide technical support for Quickbooks so it’s an easier transition for me. It also supports all of my banks (Wells fargo, capital one, and Household bank)

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