Another Free Nano Offer For BofA Credit Card

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Why oh why did the Cardinals run the last two plays? Arrggh!

Anyhow, if you missed the last one, Bank of America is again offering an iPod Nano and $50 if you apply for their WorldPoints Platinum Plus card. You need to spend or make cash advances/balance transfers totaling at least $2,000 to get the Nano in 8-12 weeks. Thanks to Lina.

Fine print:

?? To qualify for this offer, your new account must be used to make any purchase or cash advance transactions (including balance transfers; which may include transaction fees within 45 days of the account open date). Limit one (1) item per new account. The Bank of America WorldPoints? Platinum Plus? MasterCard? Credit Card offer is subject to application approval by FIA Card Services, N.A.. Upon qualifying, a $50 credit will appear on your Bank of America WorldPoints? Platinum Plus? MasterCard? Credit Card statement. Allow 8-12 weeks from qualifying to receive the promotional credit.

??? To qualify for the 2GB Apple? iPod nano, respond to this offer and use your new account within 90 days of the date the account is opened by Bank of America to make any combination of purchase or cash advance transactions (includes balance transfers) totaling at least $2,000. Limit one (1) 1GB Apple iPod nano per new account.

Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery after qualifying. Offer sponsored by Bank of America: we may substitute an item of equal or greater value and we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or undelivered merchandise. U.S. residents must be 18 to apply for a credit card.

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  1. So it looks like you can get an iPod nano for about $10 ($2000 x 3% fee = $60 – $50 credit = $10) and a FICO score hit. I would do it for a 2GB iPod nano but not the 1GB one. I wish it was more clear which one it is. BTW I call the 800 # to ask and they have no idea which iPod it is.

  2. Yogurt Earl says:

    Is it a 1GB or 2GB nano??

    “To qualify for the 2GB Apple? iPod nano, respond to this offer and use your new account within 90 days of the date the account is opened by Bank of America to make any combination of purchase or cash advance transactions (includes balance transfers) totaling at least $2,000. Limit one (1) 1GB Apple iPod nano per new account.”

  3. So… could you get the card, buy some small really expensive items that total to $2000 (ipods perhaps?). Pay off the bill, then return the items to get your money back and still qualify for this bonus?

  4. I just applied, and may do balance transfer of 2k. This will have a $60 transfer fee, but I et a $50 credit as a result of doing my first transaction within 45 days. Then, because I did 2k, I get a free iPod.

    All in all, 1GB iPod nano for $10. Not bad.

  5. Sorry, I have no idea which it is. That is some confusing fine print! My hope would be that since they don’t make 1 GB Nano’s anymore, that you would get the 2 GB one. Of course, they may have a hoard of the old ones, and the picture is that of the older model.

    (I also just deleted some comments by accident from my spam folder. I think one was from this post. Sorry!)

  6. Does the transfer fee count as purchase or cash advance? If it is counted as purchase, there will be interest charge to it because the $50 dollar credit pays the 0% BT first.

  7. Thanks for the tip! Just signed up, even though I vowed to steer clear of more credit cards for a while. Tried to balance transfer from an MBNA card, but wouldn’t let me. Wonder why? 🙂 Darn.

    Oh well, three months of rent payments on the credit card will suffice nicely for a free iPod. Too bad it won’t arrive before Christmas. 🙁

    Oh, and hopefully it won’t ping my FICO score since I have existing bank accounts with BofA and the aforementioned MBNA account.

  8. Acccumulating Money says:

    Sorry if you’re a Cardinals fan, but that was a great game.

  9. Here’s a URL to the same BofA card but with promotion for $75 credit and no iPod Nano.


  10. Here’s another thought. People here are talking about getting an iPod Nano for $10 – why not put the $2000 BT into an interest-bearing savings account and make back that $10 in about 2 months so you essentially get the iPod for FREE? (Then sell the iPod on ebay for mad loot!)

    I’m going to apply for this now…

  11. I don’t have any balance to transfer. Do I just put my name into “Make check payable to”? Would I get a $2000 cash advance check in the mail then?

  12. Hans, to answer your question – I put my name in the “make check payable to” field but it didn’t make a difference and I think they just ignored it.

    Still, when I finally got this card in the mail last week, I was able to ask them for a cash advance when I activated the card. Because I already have a BofA checking account, they just deposited the money directly into that within a few days. (And now it’s on its way over to HSBC…)

  13. William Daniel says:

    Well, being a noobie with Credit Cards I just made a mistake on this special. After getting the credit card, I called and had them balance transfer $2000 dollars to my personal checking account. From there I can spend it on anything I want interest free and I meet the $2000 dollar requirement to get the 2G apple nano. THE MISTAKE: I made a $234 dollar purchase. At 7.9% APR on purchases, thats close to $20 dollars in interest. Customer service told me that the LOWEST APR occuring interest will be paid off first if i make payment. So that means I have to pay the $2000 dollars ($60 transfer fee) and then the $234 purchase.

    What I finally end up doing is paying the whole credit card off with the $2000 I took out. Soon, i’ll have to pull it out again for personally financial matters. Money loss ($120 in transfer fees)

  14. Hmm… well, the balance transfer was probably a bad idea due to the transfer fee. You could have made more money by putting the $2000 in an interest-bearing account, more than offsetting the $20 in interest on your $234 purchase. Payments always go to lowest APR balance on every credit card.

    And you still get $50 + an iPod Nano. Not a horrendous mistake, eh?

  15. I just got my card yesterday and called customer service for a balance transfer. The lady told me in order to qualify for the iPod Nano – it must be purchase. Balance transfer doesn’t count. Is that true??? Should I try another customer service rep?

  16. I just recd my 2GB iPOD Nano & also got my $50 credit on my statement !!!

  17. This worked like a charm for me. $50 credit and the 2 GB Nano arrived via FedEx yesterday. However, I did call to speak with someone, and they didn’t really seem to know that I should be receiving the Nano. I would advise anyone to call, just to make sure there is a note on your account. I did this on Monday, and they advised me it would be up to 10 weeks to receive the Nano. 2 days later it was in my hot little hand.

  18. Oops — forgot to mention that this was only on a balance transfer, so it certainly works on BTs. The card is safely stuck in a drawer to avoid any purchase APR problems.

  19. hey, so a few months back i opened the BofA credit card with the free 2GB iPod nano promotion. I finally got the nano this week and rather than listing it on eBay, I took it into the Apple store and they took it back! No receipt, no gift receipt, just unopened (that was tough to resist). I got cash in hand for the full price of the iPod including taxes. So I spent $60 on a balance transfer to the new card, they credited me $50, then I got $161.29 for a total profit of $151.29. Sweet. Thanks for all the tips.

  20. wife and I both signed up on separte accounts and we both got $50 and 2GB ipods.

    Once your account is over $2k, they automatic send out the ipod. You could have buying something expensive and wait for the ipod to show up and then return the item.

  21. This was absolutely wonderful! I needed to buy some stuff from Ikea for a long time (almost $2K worth), so I got everything (and a weeks worth of stuff from Target), BofA sent out my nano immediately and today I see $50 credit on my card (already paid in full – so it’s just a negative balance).

    I never buy cool electronics anymore and am really thinking about keeping this one for myself. I know it won’t be worth anything in pretty short order, but hey, it was free. I think I’ll just enjoy it — though getting full price at the Apple store was really smart, hmmm… I just don’t know yet ….

  22. This offer may still be in effect, I signed up for the card early Jan, bought a Sony VAIO, waited till after the statement closed, and returned the computer. I received the Nano on Jan 31, many thanks!!!

  23. I signed up for the B of A World Points card in January. I got a $50 statement credit, spent the necessary $2000, and then got a phone call saying that they ran out of ipods. They’ll send it when they get more, of course they don’t know when that will be. Just a heads up….

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