Andrews Federal Credit Union CD Specials: 9-Month CD at 2.75% APY

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afcu_logoAndrews Federal Credit Union has a few share certificate specials that may be of interest. Thanks to reader GS for the tip.

  • 9-month CD at 2.75% APY
  • 55-month CD at 3.05% APY
  • 17-month CD at 2.25% APY
  • 30-month CD at 2.55% APY

All special share certificates have a $1,000 minimum opening deposit. If you previously got in on their 84-month CD at 3% APY back in January 2017, getting another CD from them would avoid a hard credit inquiry (TransUnion for me) and another credit union membership application. Otherwise, check out my Andrews Federal Credit Union Application and Account Opening Review for some (hopefully) useful tips.

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  1. What’s the penalty for breaking the 9 month CD? Can you come out negative?

  2. The fine print for the 9-mo CD at 2.75% APY states that the CD automatically rolls into a 12-mo CD at standard rates. Does anyone know if you can close after 9 months without being penalized?

    • I’m sure you can. Nearly every CD automatically rolls in to another one of the same maturity if you don’t chose to cash out in your maturity instructions. This one is just a special 9-month CD so it will roll into a 12-month CD.

    • Once the 9 months end you have a 10 day grace period to take out the money or else it rolls into a 12 month cd. I called and inquired.

  3. There is also a second requirement, you must direct deposit a minimum of $750 on a monthly basis into a checking account. However, there is no minimum balance so the money can be withdrawn immediately.

    • The full requirement is “Must be funded with new money OR the member must have a checking account, debit card, and direct deposit of $750 or more per month.” Note the OR.

  4. This is kind of strange. I log in and see my old CDs. But I want to open another CD and couldn’t find where to open CD.
    You had a screenshot before and the left top logo is “SmartConnect”, but my left top logo is “Andrews”.
    I completely forgot—-are there 2 log ins?


    • If you login, look for a banner on the right side of the page advertising the “New Certificate Specials”. To open, click “Options & Extras” then “Open an Additional Account”. Remember that you must use new money or otherwise satisfy the following:

      “Must be funded with new money OR the member must have a checking account, debit card, and direct deposit of $750 or more per month.”

  5. The sign-up and application process is really out of date and questionable, including that they do not support ACH funding greater than $10,000 but their website offers no other way of getting them the funding above that amount, full stop in the app process? It’s a good intro rate, but these complaints are really worrisome:

  6. is it normal to take up to 2 weeks to open a CD at this bank? I waited 10 days for account to open, and now over a week and the CD is stll not open.

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