The Rat Race: Does This Cartoon Look Familiar?


Let’s get out of the race!

Image credit to artist Polyp. There’s also an animated version that made me nauseous (perhaps that was the point?).


  1. This cartoon is the perfect motivation to start your own business, or to use your spare time to start generating some passive income…

    • Not the point……
      Having your own business will only have those who work for you racing. The point of the cartoon is to show that you can’t find true bliss through material things

  2. Kevin Cimring says:

    LOL great post Jonathan; something to think about as we head into the weekend.

  3. Reminds me of the very awesome PBS show from many years ago: Affluenza

  4. I think this cartoon captures the trap that many people fall into. It’s not all bad (I don’t hate my job), but the less time spent in the race, the better!

  5. enonymous says:


  6. Gosh, that is so depressingly true.

  7. I would like to get out too? Let me know if you know the way.

  8. Stop buying more things.

  9. Robert Kiyosaki would say “buy assets, not liabilities”. But his definition of an asset is something that increases your cash flow (to him, a house is not an asset…unless it’s a rental property where rental income exceeds expenses). If you keep buying “assets”, you get to a point where you won’t have to work a 9-5 to earn a living….out of the “Rat Race”.

  10. I like that. Maybe I would change it a bit to:

    Buy assets, and reduce liabilities. Keep enough cash on the side so you don’t have to sell assets at a absurdly low price or add on liabilities at an absurdly high cost. Keep at it.

  11. A paid-off house absolutely increases your cash-flow. If you pay off a house that had a $1500/month mortgage it’s the same effect to your bottom line as earning $1500 more/month in net income.

  12. Great minds think alike!

    Our offline discussion on “the rat race” must have resulted in the same image search. I used this image yesterday on a post here:

    I also used the image, which was a sub-par black and white version, three years ago and the artist, “polyp”, contacted me via email and asked that I use the original and give him credit.

    Polyp is a talented artist. I recommend checking him out, if not for commercial use, at least for observation’s sake…

    Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

  13. what do you think about the true culprit (materiality) ? does one really have to run as hard, fast and long if the culprit can be addressed?

    that said, totally agree with comments that suggested starting a side gig and benefiting from passive and residual income. that is what i am all about.

  14. But Mr. Polyp takes it seriously, not as a joke…..
    Friends of the Earth, yeah, in his smug, self satisfied imagination.


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