September 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

Note: All credit card debt is at 0% APR interest. Please see my posts on taking advantage of no-fee 0% APR balance transfers for more information. In short, I’m borrowing the money for “free” and pocketing the 3.87% interest I earn on it, while these offers are still around.

Our non-retirement funds went up $959 to $44,993, another 1% closer to our mid-term goal of $100,000. Although we are falling off the pace needed to reach that goal, moving forward is good. Overall net worth increased by a bit more, about $1,500, mostly due to retirement investments. The 401k column is empty now since it is all in a Traditional IRA now after the completion of my rollover to Vanguard.

I think we have been doing better this month on budgeting, although I’ll have to run the reports again to make sure. At the least we shaved off $23 a month on our cable bill for the next 6 months.


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