Moving Six Blocks

Well, after enduring what felt like a decade of yanking us around, we found another rental we like in the same neighborhood and put in our 30-day notice instead of waiting to be kicked out. The new house and rent are very similar. We made sure to make the new lease long enough so we won’t have to move again until we leave this area permanently in a little over a year. We’ll be hiring hourly movers for the big stuff and moving the small stuff ourselves.

Hopefully, this will be a blessing in disguise if we can get rid of some of our accumulated junk! Off to the grocery store to get some free boxes…


  1. The best boxes we’ve gotten for cheap is thru Uline ( Strong and you can buy in bulk.

  2. Jane Dough says:

    For my last move I purchased boxes from eBay. Sellers have all kinds of kits. I also was able to get free boxes by checking the “free” section of craigslist. When I finished my move I recycled my perfectly good boxes and packing paper by placing an ad on craigs… Great resource!

  3. Craigslist is a good idea, I usually get a ton of fruit boxes from local grocery stores. They are smaller, but it makes it easier to carry in my car. I don’t need nice big boxes since this is a local move.

  4. Since you’re moving such a short distance, the temptation will be to just haul all of your crap with you. Don’t give in. Moving is one of the few times when you’ll actually have anywhere near the necessary motivation to trim down your belongings. Do it. It’s cathartic (says the guy who had a moving sale yesterday). I can’t believe the amount of unnecessary crap we had accumulated! And now it’s gone.

  5. I would reiterate, no need to buy boxes, ur local grocer will have better stong boxes (banana boxes with opened top)

  6. When I move I always get free boxes from the grocery and discount stores. I don’t understand why people pay for boxes. I just haven’t encountered a time when I needed to do that.

  7. I’m doing the exact same thing this Thursday. Definately pack as much of the smaller stuff as you can – it will cut their loading/unloading time down significantly!

  8. I work for a liquor distributor and they have some awesome boxes because, well, they have to transport heavy wine sometimes across the world.

    We had a friend that bought boxes from U-haul and we borrowed those. Those boxes got a lot of use because they ended up a part of every friends’ move in the past couple of years. It’s worth a shot if you know people that have moved recently to ask if they still have some boxes.

  9. Angela Henley says:

    I am SHOCKED that you actually RENT your home! Being Frugal, saving money, etc is GOOD but why give your money to someone else for RENT when you can BUY and have many deductions? ALSO I read a blog the other day, can’t remember which one about a guy and his wife that bought a home with an inlaw suite they rent out weekly for almost 1/2 of their mortgage, that is smart move! anyway…….. why not look around and buy yourself a home, deduct your taxes, interest and YES make yourself an HOME OFFICE to deduct as well! you DONT HAVE TO take the DEPRECIATION which is where the problem lies in the deductions, AND you can deduct the utilities, repairs etc. Maybe then you would not be owing anything ?
    I am just curious?

  10. Given that I will be moving for sure in a year, I do not feel like buying a house is a good financial decision. I will surely be buying a house when I settle down somewhere for more than 2 years.

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