Historical Net Worth & Goal Chart Updates

I finally got around to updating all my net worth charts and graphics. Here is my net worth since I started tracking it on this blog in December 2004:

You can also view my net worth since graduating from college in my Net Worth page. You can download my tracking template here.

Since I had all the data handy, I also put together a chart of the value of my retirement portfolio. This is simply the sum of all the money in our 401k/IRA/403b’s over the years, including any gains/losses and contributions. Since I did a Traditional-to-Roth IRA conversion a while back, I normalized all the values by taking 30% off of any pre-tax account values. Therefore, the chart is of (estimated) after-tax balances.

As you can see, my portfolio is small enough that regular contributions have been able to counter the rather mediocre returns over the last 5 years so. The swings in our property value is also contributing to making our overall net worth very volatile recently.

Goal Tracker Chart
I also wanted to update my little goal meter on the top-right of every page. I updated our 401k contribution progress; we are on track to max them out for 2009. My first long-term goal is pay off my home mortgage, so I won’t have a house payment anymore. My second is to build a $750,000 investment portfolio. More details here.

At a 4% inflation-adjusted withdrawal rate, a very rough rule-of-thumb, $750k would create an annual income of $30,000 per year ($2,500 monthly). This should cover all our non-housing expenses. At the current $140,000 value, I’d theoretically be able to produce about $467 of “passive” income per month.

I’d like to come up with a better graphic to track these things, but for now I’ll stick with the progress bar. Any creative ideas out there?


  1. NoMoreWork says:

    I think the graphs on the net worth page are flipped. Looks like start of blog is the second and start of college is the first but they’re labeled backwards. Anyhow, thanks for the update!!

  2. simplesimon says:

    I always liked the chart on this post to determine when you’re ready to retire:


  3. Jonathan, did you have any life event changes between Sept 07 – June 08 ? Your net worth jumped significantly during that period.

  4. Sounds like you suck at investment money. How about acquiring some skills in making your taxed money work for you? At this point you would have been better off sticking your money in your mattress. Maybe it’s time your wife takes charge of your finances. ” My first long-term goal is pay off my home mortgage, so I won’t have a house payment anymore.” This is just another bad financial decision. At your income level, doesn’t make sense. Make your money work for you! That’s right, you haven’t mastered that yet. Saving your left over money ever week, doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

  5. Jimmie,

    please enlighten all of us with your genius financial skills. Pretty easy to come on here and say someone sucks at investing and then not back it up with what YOU would do that DOESN’T suck.

    Let me guess…..you’ll come back and say you aren’t going to give out that information….am I right?


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