Chase Freedom Promo: $100 Sign-Up Bonus + 5% Cash Back

Chase Freedom ImageThe Chase Freedom® - $100 Bonus has a limited time promotion offering a $100 Bonus after you make $500 in purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. In addition, you can earn a $25 Bonus after you add your first authorized user and make a purchase within this same 3-month period. As a rewards credit card it is better than the plain vanilla 1% cashback cards, with its 5% cashback on rotating categories like gas stations, restaurants and The categories usually include at least one big-spending area, and seem to go with the seasons (home improvement for spring, gas and travel for the summer). Details below…

Current 5% Cash Back Categories From October 1st through December 31st, 2014 you get 5% back on qualifying purchases up to $1,500 in the following categories:

  • Select Department Stores

You must enroll each quarter at All other purchases do earn a standard 1%, with no tiers or expiration of rewards. No annual fee.  If you’re interested in a bigger $400 sign-up bonus and human-with-no-hold-times on customer service (but no 5% cash back), check out the new Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. “Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by the issuer. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the issuer, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the issuer. This site may be compensated through the issuer’s Affiliate Program.  “The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.”

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  1. Alas, I already have 2 Chase Freedom cards. Going to stick with my PenFed Visa that gives me 5% back on gas, 2% on groceries and 1% back on everything else ALL the time. However, I do plan to try and reap some 5% rewards on vacation with one of my Freedom cards this summer. One good thing about Chase is that they let you cash out at the $20 level unlike some of the Citi cards that are going to be only in $50 increments.

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  3. It looks like Chase caught on that a lot of us had Discover cards and were using them for the quarterly 5% categories. The Chase categories are exactly the same typically (although with a higher maximum spend).

  4. Not quite the same.

    Chase had dining from Jan-Feb and Discover has it from Oct-Dec.

  5. does anyone know of a card that still does the straight 5% back on grocery/gas/drugstores (non-rotating)? I can’t stand rotating categories as my purchases are only in the main 3 everyday categories.

    After my Associated Bank rewards card went belly-up, I had to go back to Citi Driver’s Edge which offers a straight 3% on grocery/gas/drug. I don’t think it’s open to new applicants though.

  6. DollarBill says:

    If you have a Sapphire card watch your mailbox. Today I received a targeted promotional offer for 5% cash back from July 1-Sep 30 on the following catagories: dining establishments, drug stores, gas stations, beauty & barber shops, convenience stores, discount stores and warehouse clubs, dry cleaning & laundry establishments, grocery & specality food stores, gym & rec club memberships, utilities, cable & satellite radio/TV, wireless/telecommunications services & equipment, internet services, local commuter transporation. Maximum bonus award during the accumulated period is 10,000 points ($100 cash back). Enrollment required via web or phone. Mailing included promotion code that is unique to credit card account so it can’t be shared.

  7. if you took this $100 bonus sign up offer, you should expect to receive form 1099-MISC to be added to your tax return.

  8. @LeAnn – What information do you base your statement on? I have never heard of a credit card issuer sending out a 1099-MISC for a sign-up, and I’ve gotten easily over 30 of them. See here for more info:

    I remember getting such offer too but cannot confirm at their site.
    I have been getting 5% in June for dinning out with DISCOVER and now I will use CHASE from next month.

  10. Just activated my Chase Sapphire card for the $250 bonus. I should be able to spend $3000 within in 90 days :)

    Oh, and when I activated the card, I was directly connected to a CSR that helped me activate the card instead of the usual automatic system. I personally don’t care about this, but good for those who do.

  11. Too bad you have to deal with abysmal Chase customer service with these cards. I dropped two Chase cards several years ago because of how they treated me when some stranger accidentally entered my card number on a website. It took 3 months, several calls, and a sworn written statement to fix a problem I did not cause. Their attitude was completely opposite of Discover, Amex, Citi, etc. People with perfect credit have no reason to lie about an $80 charge for an error that was caught before the item even shipped…but Chase doesn’t seem to believe that…let Chase rot…

    For some reason 4 of my credit cards changed their reward structures in the last month (not always worse, just different). My Citi Dividend card (closed to new users) just went to 5% rotating categories too–I guess it drives more business than stable reward categories. Also, people probably forget and keep charging after the 5% reward changes.

  12. Jonathan-

    Seems like you trashed the font for your site with a stray <code> tag in this post. (Looks terrible in Chrome, anyhow.)


  13. Doh! Fixed…

  14. Bank of China credit card scams

    Just returned from a trip from Hong Kong and China

    In HK, all the charges are in HK $, thus avoiding the 3% Dynamic exchange fee. The only one that charge Dynamic exchange fee is Bank of China subsidiary that process Visa CC transactions.

    In China, things gets really bad. Each time I ask to be charged in RMB, it came out to be in US$. After protest, it still come up with a statement saying that I was offer to reject the US$ option (which I did not). The bank say all I have to do is to cross out the option line and write RMB on the charge line, I will be fine. When I came home and check my statements, it all had the 3% Dynamic Exchange rated added onto my Schwab Credit card.

    It is a big scam by Bank of China.. Be careful when you use credit card in China

  15. Don’t believe everything their agents tell you. I opened a Chase checking account to become a “10 and 10″ member. They claimed I would receive 10% in additional points on everything I bought. I know– too good to be true. But everyone I spoke to (try it out yourself) said I would get a combined 11% in points on every DOLLAR I spent. Throw in the quarterly stuff for the add’l 4% and you could get 15% in points. Well, after beating through several agents because the points weren’t adding up on my bill, I got to an “escalations manager.” She straightened out MY confusion. That 10% is 10% additional points based on your points earned, not dollars spent! This, despite the points summary screen “point blank” saying 10% points per dollar spent!” I spent a lot of time checking this out and they are thoroughly fraudulent in their representation. If you spent $4,000 one month- you would get $40. You then would get 10% of the $40– $4. NOT $400 as advertised. Again, now that I’ve been duped I feel like an idiot for having believed I was getting something for nothing, but if you think of Chase as one of the banks too big to fail, and Henry Paulson squeezing the CON-gress for $700 Billion Dollars; They can’t kick the economy back to life, then throwing staggering amounts of available tax dollars from their cash vaults back at the public doesn’t sound to proposterous. Well, George Carlin has a lot of appropriate material to describe the “business man.”

  16. Yes, I got back an extra 10% of the points, not 10% of the purchases, which bumps normal (non bonus category) purchases on this card up to 1.1% but not 1.5% like Cap One offers me.

    They have also been giving me back a flat 10¢ per purchase (“Bonus 10 points on every purchase”), since I signed up Nov 2012. I wonder if this is normal.

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