Budget Results for August

Here are our budget results for August:
August Budget

Gas – We ended up not spending that much on gas this month, I think it just balanced out with going over on gas in July. The high prices haven’t really affected us since we don’t drive all that much.

Dining Out – We are getting used to eating out less and cooking more. It is making me dine out more consciously so I can still try all the new restaurants that we want.

Entertainment – Under budget, good.

Groceries – We really didn’t spend that much at the market either, I know we had a big Costco trip in July, so I think we were just trying to eat what we had in the freezer and pantry last month.

I’ve decided to stop tracking Utilities like I have in previous months, since there is really very little I can do to change things like our flat-rate phone bills, and it’s hard to budget when some things are billed bi-monthly, some are quarterly, etc. Instead, I’m replacing it with Miscellaneous, which include things categorized under Recreation, Personal Care, Clothing, and Gifts. I’m setting a budget of $200 for now.

Miscellaneous – Relatively little spent this month.

Overall, I think this month my wife and I were both really busy with our own little projects, so we had little time for recreation or shopping. I think things will pick up later, but for now August was a good budgeting month and helped up get closer to our goals.


  1. I wish I could emulate your food expenditures! How do you keep them so low?

  2. Well we spent over $400 in groceries last month, so we just ate what we had. We just made another Costco trip yesterday, so I doubt we’ll be able to reproduce it again next month. But hopefully the Dining Out + Groceries total will be below budget.

    Dinner for two around where we live is doable for about $20 for a decent sit down meal, without things like wine or dessert. Tacos and other stuff to go is even less. So I figure we can eat out about twice a week.

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