Sorry…didn’t mean to be so melodramatic. =) I just wanted to note it on the right date for posterity.

Yeah, I’ve somewhat unhappy with my job for a while, although I didn’t want to bring it to this blog. In the end, I couldn’t handle the monotony, the lack of upward mobility, and lack of challenges anymore. The company was great; I would actually use their product if I was their target market. But it just wasn’t for me. Some of you large corporate “consultants” out there might know what I mean. Of course, there are also some consulting positions that are great.

Next step? I’m taking some classes at the local community college to bolster my resume and help me move more towards where I want to be. Time to network more too. I’m blessed to be able to do this financially, with my wife still working I think we can live on one income. The main reason behind my budgeting concerns earlier was to see if this was possible. I’m also blessed to have the support of my friends and family. And to y’all, thanks for the supporting comments too!

This blog will probably remain the same, I definitely still have to manage money, if not better than before. My goals will be harder to reach, but we’ll see. Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


  1. Jonathan,

    Was there no way you could’ve kept your current (err…former) job and simultaneously taken the CC classes?

    Perhaps you could slack off and do school work DURING work. This way you’d still get paid for a while….until they fire you for being too unproductive 🙂


  2. word.

    wishing you all the best!

  3. Nev, yeah I could have, but that’s not how I wanted to go – gotta have good references later on!

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