About Me


Hi! My name is Jonathan Ping and I like to feed free-ranging reindeer. Welcome to MyMoneyBlog.com, the place where I have learned and shared about money since 2004. Here is some additonal backstory for the curious.

Origin story. As with many others, I started out with a negative net worth, accumulating $30,000 in student loans during my undergraduate years. By 2004, I had finished grad school and landed a solid 9-6 job, making good money but with a nagging feeling that I didn’t want work for a big corporation for another 45 years. How long would I have to stare at the grey fabric walls of this cubicle? Is early retirement even possible without a fat inheritance or hitting the IPO jackpot?

Money is taboo. Nobody wants to talk about what they make, and most people don’t even know how much they spend. Everyone around me just seemed resigned to working until 65. So, I started MyMoneyBlog.com and started sharing all my finances anonymously. Here is my first net worth update. My bank account size, my credit card balances, my 401(k) contributions, all of it. It was great to learn and share with other like-minded folks that aren’t afraid to question the status quo and pursue financial freedom.

In 2006, I found my name in print in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and had my 15 seconds of fame. I was also interviewed for CNBC, US News & World Report, and National Public Radio. That was great for traffic, but not so good for my anonymity. As our careers progressed, I eventually decided that it was time to stop disclosing everything down to the dollar. However, I still enjoy sharing our financial decision-making processes and comparing notes with readers.

After 13+ years, this blog continues to be owned and written by the same person who published the very first post after buying a domain name at 3am for 8 bucks.

Personal. Wow. I first edited this “About” page in my early 20s, and now I’m now in my late 30s. Over that time, we’ve had our share of personal struggles and triumphs. We adopted two dogs, although one (my first) dog recently went to the rainbow bridge. We’ve welcomed three beautiful girls into our family. For fun, we (used to) enjoy traveling, skiing, hiking, cooking, playing with our dogs, and eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Now we watch these curious creatures explore the world through new eyes (and fantasize about sleeping through the entire night uninterrupted).

With the arrival of our first child in 2012, we took the leap and transitioned to half-time employment for both of us. You could call this semi-retirement, but really it just adds up to one full-time worker and one full-time caregiver. I like to think of it as the traditional arrangement, but modernized. 😉 No fruity cocktails on the beach just yet.

As of 2018, based on a 3% withdrawal rate, our investment portfolio has grown to the point where it can cover our household expenses. Despite this fact, I don’t claim to know it all, and remain skeptical when others do. I try to keep moving the puck forward a little each day, and will share what I learn here.

If you’d like to follow along, I encourage you to bookmark this site or get regular updates via RSS or e-mail.

Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Ping