Weekend Links: College, Jobs, and Junk

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ISPF of GradMoneyMatters ponders whether parents should influence their children’s college applications. It’s a tough question, even if the parents refuse to pay, it’s not easy for a kid to simply “pay for it themselves” because the current financial aid system assumes the parents will cover a certain amount.

Patrick at CashMoneyLife quits his job and is about to start a new one, but is faced with a counteroffer from his current employer. Tricky situation, but it must be nice to be liked so much.

JD of GetRichSlowly reminds us that college students throw away some sweet crap when the semester ends. I’m sure I threw away some good stuff in my day. When I moved into my first apartment, we bought all the furniture inside from the old tenants for $50. That couch ended up lasting me 10 years…

NCN of No Credit Needed discussed his $100 a day rule to control impulse buying (and the resulting accumulation of junk). $100 a month is more like it for me… unless it involves tasty hole-in-the-wall international food. πŸ™‚

Too late? Got junk? Trent of The Simple Dollar talks about the process of selling everything you don’t want anymore. I think I need to move about three more times, and that will force me to get rid of the last of my idle things.

Finally the New York Times had an article about voluntary simplicity and a family trying to minimize their stuff. Mentioned and via Unclutterer.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Jonathan. I think the counteroffer mostly stems from my company realizing how profitable I was for them and how much it would cost to train a replacement. πŸ˜‰

    Pretty sweet deal on the furniture there… When I was stationed overseas with the USAF people rotated in and out every couple years and people were constantly giving away free furniture and electronics (220v) they didn’t want to take with them. I think I got a few items that way and ended up passing them along when I left. Not a bad little system. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the read while I am bored at my parents house.

  3. If the parents are paying for their school I am fine with them having a say. I know I didn’t listen to a thing my parents said (and say) about school, and part of the reason is they don’t want to help me so I don’t want to appease them.

    If they helped I guess I would look into some of the options they thought were beneficial….but, the cost of school is a different (and outrageous) subject

  4. Woah! A mega word of warning on the used furniture front. You should be absolutely sure that the furniture is not bedbug infested. In fact, only buy used furniture from people you know well who are trustworthy and…


    Believe me, you do not want any part of bedbugs, they are ridiculously hard to get rid of and will likely cost you thousands of dollars in expenses and possessions you eventually have to throw away, not to mention many many painful hours of dealing with the little bastards.

    For more information check out bedbugger.com , it’s the best resource I found for information on this matter…

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