The Best Value For The Money In London

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Whew! London is fun… and very expensive. Everything basically costs twice as much here. Burger King Whopper? On sale for ?1.99, or $3.80. No, I didn’t eat one. 😉

I just watched A Comedy of Errors at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. It was simply fantastic!! It’s an authentic replica of the original Globe Theatre where Shakespeare introduce most of his later plays to the public. For ?5 ($9), you can get a ‘groundling’ ticket which is basically general admission for standing room only. But they are right in front the theatre – so they are the best seats (so to speak) in the house. If you get there about an hour early, you can line up to be the first people there, so you are at the very very front. You can literally rest your elbows on the stage and be inches from the actors. By far my favorite experience so far. I’m catching a musical (much more expensive) tomorrow.

All the museums and libraries are free in London, so it’s not the cheapest thing to do, but still the best deal for me. Only two minutes left at internet cafe, gotta run!

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  1. Definitely expensive. I remember looking at the prices and thinking that they looked very comparable to American ones except for the pesky pound sign, which caused them to double!

  2. I think those food prices would prevent me from eating. I usually bring 2 pounds of whey protein and 4 pounds of oats and a jar of peanut butter with me when I travel.

  3. I’ve heard that one can find rather discounted theater tickets in London for performances that day. Have any luck finding such a deal? I’m visiting foggy London Town later this fall and am looking for every way possible to stretch my few disposable “quid.”

  4. Of course, it’s only twice as expensive because our currency is systematically devaluing against every other western currency and for a variety of reasons – Iraq being, I know, I know, the most political. Check out any graph online of changes in the dollar against key western currencies over the last five years. It’s become very poor against the pound, as you are finding out, poor against the euro, and, as I found out on a recent trip to Canada, now poor against the Canadian dollar. Canada used to be a cheap to visit but now it’s the reverse. Every other house in Orlando is now owned by a Brit because the dollar is like fun money to these guys. I think it’s time to wake up to our slowly changing position in the world.

  5. BK may cost 2x as much but it tastes way better than the hormone-infested cardboard stuff we have to put up with here in the US

  6. no surprise about the Globe, as it’s something I’ve recommended to many friends. Wonderful value for money if you play things off like you say and get up close enough to lean on the stage. Even standing back a bit has it’s advantages (though the demands on the body can get to be a little much during some of the longer plays). The productions cater (some) to tourists, for obvious reasons. . . but, it’s still a wonderful environment/experience, imo.

    Also, the Tate Modern is an okay free museum and it’s the Globe’s neighbor (you probably know, but the Tate’s found in an ugly industrial building that was some type of huge power station before it’s eventual conversion to a museum, if my memory is correct). . . not to mention that you can walk along the Thames (“Bankside”) to reach the theatre (or cross the Millenium Bridge if walking from the other side of the Thames). All are enjoyable if the weather’s good (and you don’t venture into too many of the overpriced attractions).

    London’s wonderful. I’m jealous. I shudder to think about how much those tickets for the musical are, though. . . ^_^

  7. When I was in London, we ate pretty well for not too much money in the pubs. I was there around 4 years ago so I know the dollar is weaker now, but at the time the pubs were a bargain and friendly. The food was only OK but London’s not supposed to be a great restaurant city anyway.

    When we went, we got a tourbook called London for less that had a discount that got us some pretty nice discounts around town. I think that in some places, we even got 25% off.

    For a great cheap thing to do, check out the Jack the Ripper walking tour.

    Man, I love London

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