Have Both TradeKing and Zecco Accounts? Merge Them Together

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If you are a former Zecco brokerage account holder, you should have been migrated over to TradeKing by now as a result of their merger/acquisition. However, I already had a TradeKing account, and now when I log in I can swap between them but they are still separate with unique account numbers and holdings. I didn’t really want two accounts, and I didn’t see it covered in their merger FAQ, so I contacted TradeKing and asked them about it:

Hi, I had a TK account and a Zecco account. I migrated over my Zecco account to TK, but I am wondering if the two accounts will eventually be merged or if they are going to be kept separate.

Their response:

Thank you for contacting TradeKing. Your Tradeking account and Zecco account will remain separate. If you want to merge the two accounts, you can fill out our Journal Request form found in Client Services > Forms > All Forms. Under the sub heading “Other Forms”, you will find the journal request form.

It appears you can also directly access the form via this link [pdf]. If the transfer involves different ownership types (individual to joint or vice versa), you’ll need it notarized and send in the original via snail mail. Otherwise, it just needs a signature and you can fax it in. Before doing so, I’d download or record any cost basis information just in case it gets lost in the shuffle.