Some things are just worth it.

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I don’t really write much about frugal living ideas like making bag lunches or taking 5 minutes showers, not because I don’t think it’s important but mostly because there are a lot of other sites that do it very well (and have ideas I’d never think of). However, I also feel that some things are just worth the money, even if not essential.

One of these things for me is the daily newspaper. This is one of those things that seems like an easy thing to stop receiving and save yourself $10-$15/month. I mean, is a click away! But I can’t.

Ever since I can remember, my father has always gotten the daily newspaper. After dinner, he would always take the front page and the Local/State section and go off into the side of the living while the rest of us stared at the glowing television box. The crinkly sound of him turning the pages still evokes strong memories in me.

As I grew older, I have gradually evolved from taking just the comics (still bemoaning the loss of Calvin & Hobbes), to the Sports section, to now including the Business section. But I always liked the tactile feel of reading a newspaper, the simplicity, the lack of annoying flashing monkey banners, the portability, even the disposability (err, I mean recyclability).

I also try to get my money’s worth by looking at the Sunday ads at places like Target where I shop regularly. Usually if I combine one or two of the grocery coupons (only for things I’d buy anyways) and a double-coupon, I can save $1-$2 per week. Since my subscription only costs $3/week, that not bad. I sure hope newspapers stick around long enough for my kids to remember them (Nostalgia at age 26! It must be Saturday morning on a 3-day weekend). Post your “worth the money” non-essentials!

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  1. I’m with you on the newspaper. We only get the Sunday paper because we don’t have access to a decent morning-delivery daily, but it’s well worth the money. I only read two ads, and throw the rest away to avoid temptation. Some of my other must-haves are my Gevalia coffee for the weekends (weekdays I drink the free stuff in the office), which I get at a discount because I’m employed by their parent company. We also buy fresh meat from the locker, rather than shop around for the sale stuff at the grocery stores. It costs a bit more, but tastes much better, and we know where it comes from.

    Good haircuts are also a worth the money kinda thing. If you skimp on you haircut, it can be very obvious…


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