New Safeway Gas Rewards Partners: Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, Mobil

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Depending on your area, Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, and Mobil gas stations are new partners with Safeway’s gas rewards program (Exxon/Mobil link). This may be good news to those who shop at Safeway supermarkets but don’t have any nearby Safeway gas stations.

The gas rewards program works using their free Safeway Club card. For every $1 in purchases, you get a point. Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon on a single fill-up (25 gal max) at a participating Chevron, Texaco, or Safeway gas station. You can stack rewards for up to 20 cents off per gallon at a Chevron/Texaco, or up to $1.00 off per gallon at a Safeway/Exxon/Mobil gas station.

So if you spent $200 at Safeway/Von’s over time, you’d get 20 cents off a gallon. With a 15 gallon tank, that’s a $3.00 savings = a 1.5% rebate. Not bad, considering it doesn’t cost anything and you can still use your cashback credit cards to get additional rewards. Chevron’s regular gas prices may be higher than other places, of course.

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  1. Very recently, Safeway had gas rewards for Exxon stations. I don’t see Exxon mentioned here. Are the Exxon/Safeway rewards done?

  2. This appears to largely depend on where you live. In my area, Exxon and Mobil stations are the participating partners, and you can accumulate rewards up to $1 off per gallon just like the Safeway stores (probably because there are no Safeway stores around here that sell gas).

    Unfortunately, the prices at Exxon and Mobil stations are usually 12-15 cents/gallon higher than at Sam’s Club or Costco stations, so I have to have 20 cents in rewards in order to make it worthwhile. Since I usually spread my grocery shopping over the 4 chains nearby, trying to buy only those items on sale at a particular location, I seldom spend enough at any one store to make it work.

  3. Ah ha, good to know. Here’s the Exxon/Mobil link:

  4. Costco gas is cheaper, but for me it’s out of my usual route and the lines are so long that I never bother going anymore. Can’t stand just idling there.

  5. How does this compare and contrast to Kroger’s deal with Shell?

  6. In my area it is Exxon/Mobil and is brand new with them doing this, but another local chain in Mid-Atlantic area has been doing this for a while with Shell. In return Shell was always more expensive but they cap it at $2.20 here off per gallon and they often have reward purchases like buy 10 gatorades get 100 bonus points off (10c)

  7. It’s good news for someone who use American Blue Cash Preferred (6% Grocery) to buy gas station gift card and load up gas with this reward. I just hope the Chevron actually sell their gift card through Safeway as well.

    I have been buying Shell giftcard at QFC/Fred Meyer. They only have $50 giftcard so I couldn’t max out more than 11 gallon ($50 ) which is $1.1 saving on top of $3 saving.

    @Scott Kroger’s is the same as QFC and you are limited to Shell. Safeway ‘s own gas station take $1 off per gallon, which would be a bit short of saving.

    I am a sucker for big brands gas station other than trying Safeway once a while, plus the grocery gift card availability make Shell my preferred choice. I live in Costco’s hometown but hold the same perspective as Jonathan on going out of way to get gas.

  8. Kroger seems to have slightly different deals based on region and between its sub-chains. Kroger in Texas is different gas incentives than QFC in Seattle or Fred Meyer in Boise. But all are owned by Kroger.

  9. Update: not only I didn’t read Jonathan ‘s Safeway 4X giftcard promotion, I was also wrong as I found $100 giftcard for Shell in QFC first time on Tuesday. When I went to Shell for replenish my tank this morning, also found out I can use all of my points at once! I used 800points which led to 80cent saving per gallon, and I pump up 16+ for my little coupe, led to $12.8.

    And I am not counting the 800 points was from grocery purchasing, of which I got 6% back. Whao!

  10. Does Chevron get any kind of kickback from Safeway when a consumer uses a gas reward?

  11. gas rewards are great only problem is I cannot get the mid grade gas i can only purchase the regular. I don’t understand why as the savings is the same regardless of the gas you use.

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